Part 2508 – Ilstheena Mal Hoven And Queen Preyuna In A Surprising Flashback

Ilstheena entered the bedroom and approached Preyuna. “Your Majesty.” His long blond hair slipped over his bare shoulders as he bowed to her. The strings of crystals braided into his hair clinked delicately. 

Preyuna set her hairbrush down on the gold-rimmed vanity table. She quietly admired the young man. It was very easy to admire him. He was so lovely. His long blond hair. His refined jawline – neither too weak nor too strong. His blue eyes. His bare skin — revealed and teased by the cutouts in his crimson and silver vest. His lean and graceful frame. She lightly ran her finger down the middle of his chest. Everything about him was so touchable.

He raised his gaze to her face. “My Queen, please don’t send me away. Let me stay with you.”

“I would, but—“

“Please!” He went down on his knees. “Marakai will not make me happy the way you know how.”

“But, my dear Ilstheena, that is to be expected. After all, she is not me.” She gently kissed him. “She will make you happy the way she knows how. She will love you. I know she will.” 

He settled back on his feet and laid his head in her lap. “Will you forget me?”

“Never.” She stroked his hair, savoring the soft of his hair and the hard of the crystals. “As long as I will live, I will not forget you, Ilstheena Mal Hoven of the Queen’s City.”

Soft, indecipherable whispers infiltrated the air.

Preyuna glanced around, trying to locate their source. There was no one else around. Just her and Ilstheena. Then, without any warning, Ilstheena disappeared, leaving Preyuna alone. She held her ground, proud and defiant. “Who is there?”

The whispers narrowed into one small voice. It was a very light voice. Soft and gentle. It could have belonged to a young boy or to a young woman. It was hard to tell.

At first.

Then, the voice said a word. Just one name. “Robin.” It said it over and over, like a wish. Just like a prayer.

Preyuna recognized the voice.


Preyuna opened her eyes. She was still in Isellta’s arms, but Isellta was asleep. His forehead rested against her chest.

“Robin…Ro’in…Robi…Ro…” he murmured.

Preyuna came close to shoving him off the bed. Thoughts and memories of Ilstheena, however, stopped her from giving into that impulse. She lightly fingered his hair. Isellta. Ilstheena. Two different men. She toyed with the short ends of his hair. So very different, even though they look so much alike.


Why are you the way you are, Isellta? Why can’t you feel for me the way your father did? He loved me. He wanted me. He wanted to stay with me.

Why don’t you?

Isellta inhaled a sharp breath and exhaled. He dug his fingers into the back of her robe. “Robin…?”

Preyuna curled her hands into fists. Always him. It’s always him! Never me. WHY?

He whimpered — such small, delicate whimpers that grew in volume and desperation.

She resisted her primal raging urge to pick him up and throw him out the door. Instead, she hugged him. “It’s okay, Isellta. It’s okay.”

His whimpering died down as he relaxed in her embrace. “Da.” 

She didn’t respond to that. She simply continued to hug him.

4 thoughts on “Part 2508 – Ilstheena Mal Hoven And Queen Preyuna In A Surprising Flashback”

    1. Thank you so much! 😊💖 I’m very glad you feel that way about my story.

      With my fey characters, I try to give them names that sound/feel like they’re from the same culture. Hmm. Is it okay if I say that I’m very happy with Ilstheena’s name?🤔 I like that it has a similarly soft feel to Isellta’s name when you say it out loud. That was one of the things I was aiming for when I came up with Ilstheena’s name. Also, I like that Ilstheena’s name somehow feels more grown-up and mature than Isellta’s name. (At least, it feels that way to me. 😄)


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