Part 2504 – I Feel Safe. Too Bad You Don’t.

The overhead speaker dinged and the pilot went into his whole pre-flight spiel.

Barbara didn’t hear a word the man said. She was lost in Ambrose’s caresses and kisses. She wanted to climb over the armrest between their seats, get into his lap, and really kiss him good. He shifted in his seat as if he were thinking something along the same lines.

And it was all so wonderfully tempting. 

She imagined her knees straddling his legs, her body pressed close to his body, his chest moving against her chest, his hands moving with sweet seduction down her back. 

She ended the kiss before her imagination could get too wild and graphic.

Ambrose opened his eyes. He looked at her with unmistakable love and desire.

If Barbara was blushing before, she was flaming now. 

He kissed her forehead. Don’t worry, love. I won’t do anything beyond kissing you right now. He smiled. I’ll save that ‘beyond kissing’ for when we are alone in our hotel room. 

She ran her fingers through his hair and down the side of his face. “I love you so much.”

“And I you.”


The overhead speaker dinged a couple times as a polite reminder for everyone to buckle the heck up. The engines revved up. The plane taxied down the runway, all so very nice and slow.

“Oh.” Ambrose said. “This isn’t too bad. It’s no different than a slow car ride.”

The plane slowed to a stop.

Ambrose frowned. “What happened? What’s wrong? Why did it stop?”

“Don’t worry.” Barbara said. “It’s normal. They’re probably waiting for another plane to take off before them. Or maybe they’re just switching gears.”


The engine sound crescendoed with a piercing vacuum cleaner-like whine.

Ambrose gripped the armrests as the plane accelerated. His pupils widened. It’s going to crash into something. I just know it’s going to crash into something.

In a matter of minutes, the plane began its ascent.

Ambrose leaned back into his seat and pressed his feet hard on the floor. He dug his claws into the armrests. Fortunately, the armrests were designed with all sorts of extraordinaries in mind. So, his claws didn’t damage the material at all.

The plane climbed higher and higher.

His stomach sproinged up into his throat. His heart raced.

Barbara stroked Ambrose’s nearest hand. “It’s okay, kitten. You’re safe.”

He closed his eyes and focused on how her thumb moved over his knuckles. 

Up and down.

Hills and valleys.

Over and over.






Barbara’s touch was safe.

The plane leveled out into a plateau.

Ambrose opened his eyes and found Barbara watching him with a concerned expression.

“How do you feel?” she asked.

He smiled. “Safe.” He kissed her forehead. “So very safe.”


I don’t feel safe. Isellta opened his eyes in the room’s semi-darkness.

Preyuna had left the bathroom door open while she attended to her own personal business in there. Isellta wanted to believe that she did it so she wouldn’t be leaving him in the dark. But he knew that it was more likely so she could keep tabs on him. If he tried to sneak out of the room, she’d hear him.

She’d be able to stop him.

Isellta rolled over on his side. He brought his knees up and curled his hands up by his face. I feel afraid. Afraid of what she’ll say to me, what she’ll do to me, how she will hurt me, what she’ll demand of me.

Preyuna left the bathroom, but kept the light on. 

He listened to her footsteps.

He waited. 

She stopped beside the bed and laid down.

She’s going to do something. I know she will.

She covered herself up with the blanket and scooted closer to him.

Isellta shuddered as she draped her arm over his waist. Maybe she’ll wait for me to fall asleep. But she wouldn’t do that to me again. She wouldn’t! She said she wouldn’t. I have to believe her. I have to trust her. Because what happens if I don’t? Where will that leave me?

“Isellta.” Her voice managed to be both sleepy and No Is Not An Option. “Face me.”

He considered pretending to be asleep. But I want to make her happy. If I ever want to see Robin when he arrives, I need to make her happy. He rolled onto his other side to face her.

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