Part 2503 – How To Stop A Vampire From Vomiting On A Plane.

“Ughn…ughnn…” Ambrose huffed and puffed with every breath until his nausea hit him again. “Uh!” His stomach clenched up. His mouth became warm and tacky feeling. He opened his mouth wide in an unhelpful dry heave.

He had a small, vindictive thought of going over to that werewolf and deliberately vomiting on his/her head. But the thought of getting that close to the source of the stench made him dry heave again. He panted and groaned.

Several of the other passengers rubbernecked to see what was going on. Some of them muttered theories about him being a new vampire, about him being drunk, about him being on drugs….and those were the nice theories. 

Ambrose was far too miserable feeling to pay much attention to the unpleasant ones.

Barbara kept rubbing his back. “Ambrose? There is a simple solution: Bite my wrist and drink until you go into a blood high.”

He wordlessly shook his head.

“It’s all right, kitten. If you go into a blood high, you’ll go unconscious and you won’t be aware of the bad smell anymore.”

No. He projected the word good and strong. There was no way that she could mistake it for Yes. I don’t want to hurt you. Not ever again. No matter what. He inhaled several small, shuddering breaths.

“Ambrose. This is something I can do to help you. Please let me help you.”

The airline attendant came over. “Is there a problem?”

“Yes.” Barbara said. “He’s having a bad reaction to the scent of one of the other passengers.”

“Oh, dear! How awful! Do you know which passenger it is?”

Ambrose gagged. Darned stupid stinky rotten werewolves. He managed to make each adjective sound like spectacularly powerful expletives.

Barbara’s hand slipped into his hair, starting from the shortest hairs at the bottom of his hairline and stopping at the top of his head. “I don’t know. Can you help him? Either calm his stomach down or maybe keep him from vomiting?”

“Of course! Would either of you be offended or bothered or uncomfortable if I put a scent blocker around you both?”

“Ughnn…ughn. huh. huh. huh…” Can she really do that? Ambrose mentally projected to Barbara.

Her hand slid down to the back of his neck. “Can you do that?” Barbara asked.

“Of course! It’s an easy enough thing to do. I just don’t want to do it without your consent.”

“I appreciate that.” Barbara’s fingers pinched and rubbed the short hairs at his neckline.

He moaned again — half from his ongoing nausea and half in appreciation of Barbara’s touch. Tell her to do it. 

“Please do it. I hate seeing him suffer.”


Ambrose dry heaved again. Don’t want to throw up. Horrible mess. Be hungry again. Don’t…don’t want to bite her. Don’t want to…don’t…

Barbara kissed the back of his head. “It’s okay, kitten. It’s okay.” 

And, just like that, the werewolf’s scent and the airplane’s artificial scent were gone — as surely as if someone had shut them off. The only scents that remained were his own scent and Barbara’s. 

Ambrose uncovered his face and raised his head. He panted as he glanced around. Nothing seemed to be different. All of the passengers were still in their seats. There were no obvious magical barriers in place. His nausea calmed down.

The airline attendant smiled at him. “Feel better?”

He nodded. 

“Very good! Please buckle up. We will be taking off in a few minutes. The pilot is just running through a last minute systems check.”

Ambrose reached up to the side of his seat, but the seatbelt wasn’t there. “What?”

“Here.” Barbara said. “I’ll help you.”

One of the other passengers called out to the airline attendant. She hurried over to help them out.

Barbara reached around Ambrose and pulled the two seatbelt pieces out from under his bottom.

His expression softened at her nearness, at her touch. Ambrose leaned close to her ear and whispered her name.

She blushed, which made him grin. 

He lightly kissed the rim of her nearest ear, whispering her name in between each kiss.

Barbara clicked the two pieces together. She spread her hands on his chest and looked up at him.

That look stole his breath away. Vomiting was officially the very last thought in his mind.

Her blush deepened. My love… She leaned in closer and kissed him.

He joyfully kissed her in return.

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