Part 2501 – We Are Now Aboard The Plane!!!

The tang of oil and clean rubber blew past his face as Ambrose ran with Barbara down the narrow, curved hallway. He felt ridiculously giddy, as if they were about to get away with something. Almost like two kids successfully running away from home.

Their feet thumped big and heavy on the flat carpet covering the metal floor. The inelegance of the sound made him laugh out loud.

Barbara giggled as she ran alongside him.

Her giggles made him ecstatic. He wanted to run in all directions at the same time or maybe run around in tight circles. He laughed again out of the pure joy of it all. He wanted to take her in his arms and dance the rest of the way to the plane. But, most of all, he wanted to be on that plane and already flying down to Florida. He wanted to be in Florida.

They reached the end of the hallway in what seemed to be a matter of seconds.

The airline attendant smiled brightly at them. “Welcome to Airline Extraordinary Express.”

She may have said more than that, but Ambrose just didn’t hear it. He took Barbara into his arms and kissed her. Barbara looped her arms around to the back of his head. Her fingers raked through his hair.ย His heart raced and her heart raced against his chest.

“Do you have your ticket and boarding pass?” The airline attendant’s voice sliced through Ambrose’s euphoric haze.

Barbara reluctantly ended the kiss. She laid her hand on the side of his face.

Ambrose panted as he looked into her blue eyes. He didn’t say or mentally project anything to her.

He didn’t need to. Barbara blushed just fine on her own and pressed her forehead against his chest. “Ambrose.”

The other passengers came clomping and talking and laughing and yelling behind Ambrose.

He sighed. “I guess we really can’t stand here all night, can we?”

She shook her head against his chest.

“I didn’t think so.” He kissed her head before turning his attention to the airline attendant. “Did you ask us a question?”

“Yes.” She had the professional good manners to not tell him, “Like, duh.” She repeated her question.

Barbara handed over their tickets and boarding passes.

The airline attendant nodded and waved them aboard.

Ambrose exchanged a smile with Barbara before heading onto the plane. He followed her to their assigned seats. He let her take the window seat while he sat beside her.

Barbara leaned her head against his arm. “We made it. We’re actually on the plane.”

He kissed her head. “Yes.”

The remainder of the passengers made their way onto the plane. A couple of little boys raced all the way down the aisle before their mother stomped over to fetch them. The two boys hollered and screamed as she hauled them back to their seats.

Ambrose looked at Barbara and sighed happily.ย Life is perfect and everything is fine.

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