Part 2490 – Just A Bad Dream?

Her mind was filled with an impenetrable fog. The young woman was aware of walking. It seemed like a long distance, but she couldn’t tell. Maybe it was just an illusion.

Someone held her hand. Unless that was also an illusion. Maybe she was just carrying something and it just felt like someone holding her hand.

Stairs? Was she walking up a staircase? It seemed like it. But maybe she was just dizzy. Maybe she was about to pass out.

Voices. But they sounded so far away. Somewhere in the fog…Buried in layers of fog…


But the pain was in the fog and the fog was inside the pain. They twirled around each other like colored threads in a skein of yarn, merging and blending into a solid stripe, becoming one with each other. Pain and fog. Fog and pain. Red and gray. Gray and red. Twisting, curling, curving colors. Blending, swirling, twirling.

Her mind joined the dance. Spinning and twirling inside the fog. Her heart raced and the entire world turned upside down.

Her world became dark.


Raven exhaled a relieved breath as she regained consciousness. “There you are. I was concerned for you, miss.”

She sat up and glanced around at the sidewalk, street, buildings, cars.

“Are you well, miss? You fainted quite unexpectedly.”

She rubbed the back of her head. “Stairs. Walking. Voices. Pain.”

The longer side of his hair swung away from his face as he tilted his head. “I do beg your pardon, but I do not understand.”

She shook her head. “I don’t know. Must have been a bad dream or something.”

“Perhaps. Do you feel well enough to stand?”

She nodded. “But if you could help me up, I’d appreciate it.”

“Of course.” He took her hands and guided her up to her feet.

She wobbled a little, but he kept her from flat out falling. “Thank you.”

He released her hands and picked up her bag of books. “You are most welcome, miss.”

She glanced around again. “I guess I didn’t get very far before I fainted.” She winced. “I must have landed weird. My wrist hurts.”

“You did land rather awkwardly.”

The young woman winced again. “Sorry about that.”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “There is nothing for you to be sorry for, miss. One generally has no control over one’s gracefulness when they pass out.”

She smiled. “That is true.” She claimed his free hand. “Come. I need to get to my car so I can go home. It’s incredibly late.”

Raven looked up at the night sky. No. It is not too late. Not yet. Dawn is still several hours away. Yet, I suppose it is late for her. 

She tugged on his hand. “Come on! I want to get home before I get bitten by a vampire.”

He pulled his gaze out of the dark sky and smiled at her. “Well. We would not want that to happen. Will you be okay to drive?”

“Of course. But let’s go!”

He did a slight head bow. “As you wish, miss.”

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