Part 2486 – A Peculiar Phone Conversation And A Unnamed Emptiness.

Sorrow and joy, grief and relief tugged Jeff with equal strength but in opposite directions. Jeff sat back on his feet and let them have at it.

His phone rang.

He answered it. “Hello? This is Jeff.”

“Hello, sir.” Raven said. “This is Raven. I am sorry that I am running a bit late. I will come to the hospital to see Missy soon. I simply have some business I must attend to.”

“Of course. Go do your thing. I’m here.”

Raven hesitated. “Are you well, sir? Your voice seems a tad…off?”

Jeff sighed. “Sorry. I had an unexpected visitor here in the hospital room.”

“Ah. Do you wish to speak of it, sir?”

Jeff raised his eyebrow and wondered what exactly Raven was thinking. “Not at the moment. I need to absorb it and make sense of it all. Need to figure out how I really feel about—” He made an uncertain gesture with his unoccupied hand. “—a lot of things.”

Raven held his silence for a few minutes. “I see, sir.”

“Do you?”


“Do you really see what I’m thinking, what I’m feeling, what I’m struggling through?”

A few seconds of silence. “No, sir. We are on the telephone, not face-to-face.”

Jeff chuckled half-heartedly. “Yeah. Good point. Sorry. I’m just really feeling moody. But no. It’s more than that. I feel…” He shook his head. “I don’t know. Just need to sort it all out.”

“I will be there very shortly, sir. I promise.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you. Be safe.”

“I will, sir. Thank you.” He ended the call.

Jeff lowered his phone and stared at the space where Laura had been. “How long is one pinch, Laura? How much longer will you be with me?” He bowed his head. “When will you leave me?”

There were no answers to any of his questions.

And Laura did not reappear.


Raven put his phone into his suit jacket pocket. That was a peculiar conversation. I wonder who his unexpected visitor could have been. He resumed walking forward into the business side of town. Oh, well. That answer will be revealed in good time. Or perhaps it will not be revealed at all. At this moment, however, it does not matter. Right now I need to find someone for Greg to bite.

He frowned. Of course, the problem is that Greg has never fed before. So, there is no way to know what sort of scent or taste he would find appealing. I cannot even search his mind for such information, for it is not there.

Raven’s frown lifted. WellHe will simply have to accept what I bring him. After all, he is in no position to be overly particular.

A strong scent of caramel coffee grabbed Raven’s attention. 

He followed it.


Greg opened his eye. He was bewildered by the sensation of softness all around him. He patted his surroundings.

A mattress.

An honest-to-goodness mattress with an honest-to-goodness sheet. 

And a pillow.

And a blanket.

It was all so soft and so clean.

This can’t be real. I must be dreaming. Dreaming or dead. Dreaming, dead, or hallucinating. It just can’t be real.

He sat up and glanced around. The room was a simple, basic bedroom. Nothing extravagant. Nothing outlandish. Very clean. 

Very ordinary.

Far too ordinary to be anything heavenly or anything hellish.

He laid back down. My heart is still beating. My eye is still missing. My hands… He raised his mangled hands to the level of his eyes. Nothing has changed. I’m still alive. Still broken.

Greg lowered his hands to the blanket. Still strangely empty. What is this emptiness that I feel? Is it hunger? If it isn’t, what will fill that emptiness? What will make me feel whole again?

Miriam, could it be you?

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