Part 2484 – Calling Out To You.

LM fidgeted into a comfortable position. At least, as comfortable as he could get with his stiff, crooked wings. He leaned his head back against the left armrest and draped his legs over the other armrest. It took him a while to figure out what to do with his arms. He finally gave up and wrapped them across his chest. It seemed to be the most sensible place and position for them.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

A few quiet moments passed.

“Hnnn…” He kicked his shoes off and fell asleep.


Jeff yawned several times, but he couldn’t fall asleep. His mind was too busy racing and thinking and wondering.

Maybe another day. Maybe a few more days. Just a few more days with my Laura. But then what? Will those few more days become a couple of months, a few more months, a year, several years, until it’s my whole lifetime?

No. I have to let her go, no matter how much it hurts. I need to set her free.

And I need to do it now.

“Laura? Laura girl, are you there?”

No response.

He sat up. “Laura, please come to me. Let me see you. Please let me see you. I need…” The words choked up in his throat. His eyebrows creased up. “Please.”

Jeff glanced around the room, torn between hope and dread. “I love you, Laura. I have loved you all along. But I’m sure you know that. I hope you do. I hope I’ve…I hope.” His chin wobbled. His voice wobbled just as much as he continued, “I hope I’ve loved you enough. I hope I’ve never given you—” His tears fell. “—any reason to doubt me. I love you.” He smiled through his tears. “You’re my Laura girl.”

No response.

“Laura, please.” He held out his hands. “Please.”


He lowered his hands. “Are you already gone?” His voice was small and uncertain. It sounded lonely in the mostly dark room. “Did you leave me without saying good-bye?”

Missy sighed in her sleep.

Jeff stood and walked over to her bed.

But she was sleeping peacefully.

Jeff bowed his head into the glow of the bathroom’s light. “Laura…” He closed his eyes and focused inward on the tangled tempest of feelings raging through him. 










None of them were in any kind of order. They were a clash, a mess, and an absolute disarray — like opening a dresser drawer filled with 3900 unmatched and unmatchable socks.

“Laura…” He grabbed the bedrail and let his emotions and feelings overwhelm him. He didn’t try to fight any of them. His breathing became ragged. His tears fell. “Laura…”

The light shining on his face became both brighter and softer. It grew, spreading over his whole face and down to his shoulders.

He raised his head. Words failed to exist.

Laura stood on the other side of Missy’s bed.



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