Part 2473 – A Raven Flies Home.

Sammy side-glanced at Deliosa and admired her as they flew. Gold wings. Scales the color of sunrise. Clear amber eyes. It didn’t matter the source of the lighting — full moon, street lamps, daylight. She was beautiful and he was deeply proud of her.

She had survived on her own without the comfort and aid of her kaandelinao. Not just survived, but thrived. She was strong and healthy and confident. 

He hoped that his elder would see all of that good in her too.

Deliosa looked at him and trumpeted.

Sammy wanted to reply to her call, but he had enough sense to remember the vampire currently wound up in his tongue. So, he did the next best thing. He flew straight up into the air and lightly brushed his tail tip against her back.

She trumpeted again and rose to his height. 

He soared around her, gracefully avoiding being clipped by her wings.

She turned her head, tracking his movements.

Sammy relished being the center of her attention. He exhaled through his nostrils, a warm and happy sound, before diving straight down to Raven’s house.

Deliosa dived after him in acrobatic loops and spirals.

His heart warmed with pride and love. Red tulips blossomed all around Raven’s house. They even bloomed on top of his roof.

She tapped his back with her tail tip just before landing.

Sammy landed barely a second after her. He opened his mouth and carefully set Raven on the ground.

Raven wobbled and weaved about before dropping to his hands and knees. “Ohhhhhh…” he groaned.

Deliosa rubbed her head against Sammy’s throat. Samer.

Lee. He closed his eyes and purred. I love you.

“Ohhhh, I believe I shall be ill.” Raven declared to the ground.

No matter what my elder may say tomorrow, I love you now and I always will.

She purred in response. Rose vines twined around Raven’s mailbox. 

Sammy wanted to stay in the moment. He didn’t want to move away from her or let her go. But he did want to check on Raven without talking inside his head. He had a good sized hunch that Raven was not in the mood for that method of communication at the moment.

He reluctantly moved his head away from Deliosa and transformed into his human form. “Raven? Do you need help?”

Raven shook his head. “I will be well, sir, in a little while. Just give me a few minutes.”

“Of course.”


Raven closed his eyes, which didn’t help his vertigo any. If anything, it seemed to make it worse. He felt like he was going to somersault onto his back and tilt over onto his side at the same time. Somehow. “Ohhhhh….” He straightened his arms, pushing his hands hard against the ground.

Raven scrunched his eyes and focused on the pressure of his palms on the ground, on the feel of the dirt and grass under his fingers. He imagined the muscles and bones in his arms as powerful metal struts. They will not bend nor will they break. I will not fall flat on my face. They are strong. They are mighty.

It took a couple of minutes for his stomach and his head to regain their proper bearings. He sat back on his feet with extra care, however, just in case. 

He thought happy thoughts of going inside, removing his clothes, taking a shower, getting dressed, and burning his clothes in a glorious bonfire.

Then, Barbara’s peach mini Cooper pulled into the driveway.

“I guess my shower will have to wait.” Raven said to no one in particular. He simply wanted to say it out loud.

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