Part 2459 – Preyuna…In The Kitchen…With The Ice Cream Bar.

Preyuna didn’t have to say or do anything. She simply entered the room and gave him a passing glance.

That was enough to set Isellta off again.

It’s all over me! The filthiness is all over me! She can see it. Everyone can. Isellta scratched his arms, but that didn’t help. He could still feel the muck-like stickiness all over his skin.

He scratched harder and faster.

Preyuna strolled to the fridge, seemingly oblivious to his behavior.

Maelin stepped in front of him. “Isellta, you know I will never touch you without your permission.”

He nodded and kept scratching.

“Will you let me use my magic to help you calm down? I don’t want you to hurt yourself, angel.”

Isellta had a small thought about objecting, but he craved the comfort. He nodded again.

“Okay.” She laid her hands on his chest.

Isellta closed his eyes and let the magic in.

Her magic soothed his jittery nerves. The tension in his fingers and shoulders relaxed. His thoughts calmed down. He hugged her. “Thank you, Maelin.” 

Preyuna closed the freezer door. “You really do cling to the most unsavory sorts, Isellta.”

He flinched at the sound of her voice.

“Robin. Jay. Peace dragon scum.”

He dug his fingers into the back of Maelin’s robe as Preyuna walked over to them.

“If I weren’t in such a good mood right now, I’d be irritated.”

“Back off.” Maelin said to Preyuna.

“But I heard some good news today.” Preyuna apparently chose to ignore Maelin’s command. “Such very good news.”

Isellta opened his eyes. “Robin?” He released Maelin and turned to face Preyuna. “Is he here? Is my Robin here? Has he finally come to me?”

Preyuna smiled, but it didn’t go all the way to her eyes.

Isellta covered his shoulder to protect it from the inevitable punch. But her hands remained relaxed by her sides. He searched her expression, trying to guess her next move.

“If my good news had anything to do with Robin, don’t you think I would have told you?”

No. But she promised that she would tell me when he comes. So…yes? She would, wouldn’t she? I can trust her to keep her promise. Can’t I?

“Yes?” he said.

Preyuna reached for him, but Maelin quickly stepped in between them. “No.” Maelin’s voice was calm but firm. “I will not let you touch him.”

“It isn’t your say, peace dragon dregs. Don’t forget. He willingly surrendered himself to me. It was his choice. Is it really your place to overrule his choice?”

Maelin didn’t respond.

“That’s what I thought. As I said before, I’m in a very good mood. So, I’ll let Isellta have his fun time with you. But he will come and spend the rest of the night in my room. You will come, Isellta.” It was a strong statement of fact. Yet, Isellta was pretty sure that she expected a response.

“I’ll come.” he said.

“Of course you will.” She strode towards the doorway with her unopened ice cream bar. “I’ll see you there.”

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