Part 2458 – Hopes And A Great Many Thoughts.

Preyuna leaned her head back against the front door. A blissed out smile crossed her face. “Raven will give in. I know he will. He’ll come back and agree to kill Mark for me according to my directions. It will be a messy, bloody death. Mark will die a broken and shattered man without a single trace of his imagined godliness intact. He will be ruined. He will be destroyed. And I will be free to go home. I’ll finally be able to go home to my kingdom and my harem. And Isellta will come with me.”

As for Robin…I will have Robin staked, of course. I have no need of him and neither does Isellta. Robin has proven himself to be belligerent and utterly useless.

Besides, I don’t need competition for Isellta’s affections. Her smile faded. But is it a competition I have already lost? Is Isellta even able to show me the kind of affection I desire? Can he love me the way I deserve to be loved? Or is he eternally stuck in his obsession for that ugly vampire?

Maybe it would be kinder for us both if I release all of my magic barriers between them. She frowned. But it wouldn’t change anything. Isellta would be delighted, but he would still be trapped. Only Mark Caten’s death can set him free. At this point, it would be cruel to let them see each other again. Robin would be free to leave. Isellta would have to stay behind. And who would be happy with this situation?

“But I won’t think about that now.” Her smile returned. “Instead, I’ll think about Raven returning to me with the best possible news.”

Preyuna moved away from the door. “And I will think about it while eating a Dove ice cream bar.” She walked down the hall with a queen’s poise and grace.


Isellta finished his omelet. “Thank you so much, Maelin! That was wonderful!”

Maelin smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She picked up their plates and carried them to the sink.

“Do you need help with those dishes?”

“Don’t worry, angel. I got it.” She turned on the faucet.

Isellta sat back in his chair. He could still feel the black lines’ presence on his skin. I don’t think they’ll ever go away. Even if I tore my skin off, they would still be there on my muscles, inside my bones. I will never be free of them.

He fluttered his wings. But, at least, I know she won’t do that again. She promised that she wouldn’t.

“Isellta?” She shut off the water.

“Yes, Maelin?”

“I hate to ask this, but I need to. For my sake and for Jay’s peace of mind.”

He turned in his seat to face her. “What is it?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay with Jay and me? I know I’ve already asked this. I know you’ve already given me your answer. But I want to be sure.”

Isellta stood and clumsily made his way over to Maelin.

She set the plate on the counter as he stopped before her.

He took her hands into his hands. “I’ll be fine. I’ll be okay. What she did to me…” In his mind, he saw the pillow on his dresser…his clothes lying in an untidy mess on the floor. He held her hands a little tighter. “It hurt. But it hurt her too? It made her feel dirty too.” He managed a small smile. “So, you see? She won’t do it again. She promised me that she won’t do it again. And I know she’ll keep that promise. So, I’ll be okay. I will be fine. And I know she’ll tell me when Robin comes.”

“I hope you’re right, angel. I hope she doesn’t break her promises.”

Isellta looked down at their combined hands. He winced at the sight of the black lines on his skin. “I hope so too.”

The kitchen door opened and Preyuna entered the scene.

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