Part 2451 – Will Raven See Robin?

He ain’t gonna see me. Gonna be just like Am’rose. Dang it.. Darn it. Blast it. Come on. Come on, Raven. You danged mother hen. See me. Please. Please see me.

Raven opened the cell door.

Robin’s muscles vibrated with the need to run, to escape, to pull away from the wall. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t pull free. He remained bound to the wall, unable to do more than hope.

Desperately hope.


Raven, I’m here.


I’m here.

Raven entered the cell and Robin’s heart sank. The expression on Raven’s face said everything that Robin didn’t want to hear.

He don’t see me. Oh, come on. Come on!

Raven headed straight to him.

Robin widened his eyes. Raven? You see me? Please. Please see me.

He stopped right in front of him and extended his claws.

Please. Please.

He gave something a measuring look over.

I’m right here. Just right here. Right in front of your freakin’—- Robin blinked in something of a wince as Raven slashed the air with his claws. What the e’er lovin’ heck? Ain’t got a pinch of a clue what he’s goin’ on about. Don’t matter none, though. Robin strained against the bonds around his neck and covering his mouth. If I could just get my face a little closer, he’d touch me. He’d know I’m here.

Raven abruptly changed tactics. He bunched up his hands and tried to dig his claws into something.

Just a little closer. Just need to be a little closer.

Raven frowned as he kept digging.

Robin kept pushing, kept trying to make contact.

Raven kept digging and picking.

Come on. Come on! Just one small inch. Just one small touch. I ain’t askin’ for more’n that.

Raven’s face lit up in a relieved smile.

What? What is—

He reached forward and stopped barely an inch away from Robin’s muzzle.

Robin stopped struggling. He stared breathlessly at that hand as if it were the RMS Carpathia come to pull him out of the icy Atlantic. Raven. I’m here. Touch me. I’m here.

The hand stayed there a moment longer before moving away to pat the air all around his head.

Robin focused on Raven’s face. Don’t you give up. Keep tryin’. Move your hand just a little closer. Raven, I’m here.

Raven’s frown slowly returned. “Robin? Are you there? Can you hear me?”

Ya whangdoodled dingo! ‘course I can hear you. I can see you too.


Raven. Please.

“Are you there?”

I’m right here!

“Speak to me. Project your thoughts to me.”


Raven sighed. He pulled his arm back.

No. Raven, please don’t.

He took a step back.

Don’t leave me!

He did another assessing lookover and shook his head. “I was wrong.”

Raven, darn you! Darn you!

“Robin is not here.”

A low growl rumbled in Robin’s throat.

But Raven turned around and walked away.

Robin’s growl devolved into a muffled cry-scream.

Raven walked up the staircase and didn’t look back.


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