Part 2449 – Chasing A Scent To Failure.

As soon as Preyuna left the monitor room, Ambrose’s and Barbara’s scents hit her in the face. There was another scent entwined with Ambrose’s, but she thought nothing about it. She walked with a queen’s determination to the dungeon door.

Ambrose’s scent seemed to tease her and mock her with every step she made. It smelled so fresh…as if she’d just missed him.

She flung the dungeon door open and got whoomphed in the face with Ambrose’s oak, mocha, and musk. That was the breaking straw.

She ran down the stairs. His scent blew past her face, like a soft breath, almost like a kiss. She looked towards Robin’s cell. Ambrose wasn’t in there.

Preyuna reached the bottom of the stairs and kept running all the way to the empty prison cell, following Ambrose’s trail. She stopped at the cell. As expected, no one was in there. She grabbed the metal bars and bowed her head.

Ambrose’s oak, mocha, and musk slipped through the metal to touch her fingers, to teasingly tap her nose and lips. It seemed to say, “Sorry, love. I’m not here. You just missed me.”

Preyuna raised her head and glared at the empty cell. She released the bars and hurried to the door to the lower level. But his scent thinned out. By the time she stopped at that door, Ambrose’s scent was gone.

She swung the door open, anyway.

Nothing. Not even a thin thread. 

She slammed the door shut and bashed her fists on it. She ran all the way back upstairs, all the way to the front door, all the way to the cliff’s edge.

Preyuna stood still and watched the driveway. Her hair blew wild and long in the wind, making her look like a mourning ghost or a vengeful spirit.

A small peach car left the driveway and headed off into the distance.

There was nothing Preyuna could do to stop it. She stood alone on the cliff and watched Ambrose Smith escape.


Raven shook his head. “Nothing.”

“Nothing.” Deliosa agreed.

Sammy squinted at the first cell and shook his head as well. “Robin isn’t here at all.”

Raven leaned back in the rolling chair. “Am I missing something?”

“No.” Sammy said. “He simply isn’t here.”

Raven rolled back a little for an overall view. He watched for any unexpected/unexplained movements on the screens. But nothing happened. No movements. Nothing unexpected. Nothing that jumped up and grabbed his attention. Then, why does Robin not respond? Perhaps it is because he and Isellta genuinely wish to have quiet time together. He smiled. But surely Robin is still alive. If he had been staked, Isellta would have called us and let us know. I am certain of it.

Sammy gave him a questioning look.

Raven sighed and stood. He watched just a little longer, but nothing caught his attention. “You are right, sir. Robin clearly is not here.” He bowed to the security guard. “Thank you very much for—“

The guard waved his hand in a dismissive gesture. “Yeah, whatever. Just get out of my work space. I really don’t want to get in trouble with the boss.”

“Of course. Have a good night, sir.”


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