Part 2441 – Different Perspectives In A Monitor Room.

The security guard swiveled around in his seat and scowled at the intruders: Preyuna, two guys dressed up all fancy, and a woman with weird colored hair. “Well. Get it over and done with. Then, get the heck out. I will not have Caten catch me entertaining company during business hours.”

The red-eyed gent bowed to him. “As you wish, sir. Where are the monitors for the dungeon?”

The guard flicked a dismissive gesture to the monitors on the left side. “You touch anything, I’ll break your fingers and fling you off the cliff. And may you have a bad landing on your face!”

“Of course, sir. I merely wish to look and do nothing more than that. As for my companions, they will not touch anything either.”

“Yeah, whatever. That’s what they all say. Don’t you go thinking I won’t be watching you group of weirdos.” He bugged his eyes out. “I have eyes inside my ears.”

The red-eyed gent arched an eyebrow. “How incredibly convenient for you.”

“Yeah, it is.” The guard turned his attention back to the outside monitors.


Raven sat in the other swivel chair and rolled it over to the dungeon monitors.

Sammy came over to him. “Where do we start?”

Raven gave the question some consideration before pointing at the monitor right in front of him. “We will start with this one and work our way through all of the monitors on this side.”

“All of the monitors?” Deliosa asked. “Not just the dungeon ones?”

“All of them. I wish to be thorough.”


 Preyuna tried her best not to smirk, but it was very difficult. From her point of view, it was a very smirk-worthy moment.

Look at them, studying each monitor for some clue, for some tattle-tale evidence. But I was good. I didn’t leave any traces. No clues. No evidence. They will find neither Robin nor Ambrose Smith.

I win. And when they leave and I spring my trap on Ambrose and his fluffy little darling, I will win again. Mark will set me free. If he does not, well. I will have two weapons in my arsenal against Mark Caten.

She thought about Ambrose and the stories she’d heard about him. Her eyes sparkled with pure, unvarnished maliciousness. 

He will hurt Mark for me, just the way I want. He will break and tear Mark Caten into gore-slicked pieces. And he will kill him.

Ambrose Smith will kill Mark Caten for me.

And I will be free.

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