Part 2435 – Searching For An Invisible Man

Ambrose involuntarily tensed up as he and Barbara approached the prison cells. 

This is a trap. There’s no way that this isn’t a trap. 

He held onto Barbara’s hand. 

Why else would Preyuna leave us to our own devices? The trap will be sprung. Any minute now…

He stopped at the first cell. 


Robin’s pupils widened as Ambrose stopped in front of his cell door. 

Am’rose!  Get me outta here!


A wave of disappointment dropped on Ambrose. “He isn’t here.” He scoffed and ran his hand through his hair. “I don’t know why I thought he would be. The odds of Caten putting Robin into the very first cell are so poor. It’s ridiculous.”

“It would have been nice and easy.” Barbara said.

“And that’s why it’s ridiculous. Nothing regarding Mark Caten is nice or easy. Besides, if he’s hoping to use Robin as bait to trap me, he’d use a cell that’s further into the dark. He certainly would never place me practically right next to the exit. Too much light, not nearly enough hopelessness.” He sighed and backed away from the cell door. “Let’s keep going.”


Disappointment crushed Robin as he listened to Ambrose talk. No…Am’rose, I’m here. Tears welled up in his eyes. I’m right here. Please don’t go. Don’t leave me here.

Ambrose turned away from the cell and walked down the hall towards the other cells.

If his mouth wasn’t already clamped shut, Robin would have clenched his teeth. He growled and threw himself into pushing against his restraints. 

But his effots were as futile as before.



Ambrose stopped and looked back.

“What’s wrong?” Barbara asked.

“I don’t know. I felt…” He frowned. “…something.” He walked back to the first cell and looked through the bars. “Robin?”


Robin’s tears fell. You came back.


Yes! I’m here. Oh dang it and bless it! I’m here! I’m here!


Ambrose spoke soft words to the cell door. It sprang open right away.

It’s an open mousetrap just waiting for me to touch the cheese. Then, whack! But I won’t be dead. I’ll be trapped. I don’t want to be trapped. I don’t….I don’t….

Barbara folded her fingers with his. “I’m here, kitten. I’m with you. You are NOT going in there alone.”

He smiled at her. “I love you so much, my iron-willed Barbara.” He kept their fingers linked together as he led her into the cell. “Robin?”

Ahh, this is ridiculous. It’s clearly an empty cell.

He scoffed. “And that was clearly a perfectly normal phone call. Robin, are you here?” 


Robin struggled against the restraints with renewed energy and determination. 

If I can’t break my way outta this dumb stupid things, I sure as heck will loosen them so I can scream or make some other noise.


“Robin?” Ambrose stretched his free hand forward and felt for any barriers.

Barbara released his hand and helped search.


The restraints were strong. 

They were unyielding.

They refused to yield.

They held strong, but Robin kept trying.


Robin? Are you here?




Ambrose felt empty air. No matter where he moved his hands, he felt nothing but emptiness. He glanced back at the staircase. Preyuna hadn’t returned yet.

He kept searching.


The restraints pressed against Robin’s skin. They were too strong, too unyielding.

Robin looked desperately at Ambrose as the other vampire slowly but steadily came closer. Come on. Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeon! Find me. DANG IT ALL! FIND ME!


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