Part 2434 – “You’re Here!”

Ain’t ne’er gonna wear no stinkin’ tuxedo again! Robin clenched his teeth and strained against his bonds. Ain’t good for nothin’ but makin’ a guy all warm and sweaty. 

He growled as he kept pushing and pushing against them. Darn it all! Why didn’t they freakin’ take my jacket off? Stupid freakin’ idiots! What? They wanted me to super suffer or what? DARN. IT. ALL. Come on you stupid worthless scraps of worthless stupid—

Light streamed down the stairs as someone opened the door.

Robin’s pupils widened. ‘sellta? That you?

A woman walked through the doorway. Vivid silver streaks shined in her hair.

Dang it! Why’s it gotta be Preyuna again? 

But Preyuna wasn’t alone. Another woman followed her through the doorway. 

Robin didn’t even need to see her hair color to know who the second woman was. Her semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla bean scent gave her away.

Barbara? What? What’s she doin’ here? Ambrose is gonna wig out if he—

His breath caught in his throat as a man joined the two women party at the top of the steps. The warm, familiar scent of mocha, oak, and musk drifted down to Robin.

Am’rose! You’re here. You’re here! 

All three of them walked down the stairs.

Tears sprang to life in Robin’s eyes. I knew you’d come for me. He projected his thoughts to Ambrose, I’m here! Am’rose! I’m here! Please hear me. Please hear me. See me. I’m here. Right here.

Ambrose didn’t react to Robin’s projected words. 

Maybe he’s just playin’ it cool.

Please hear me. Please hear me. Please let me know you can hear me. Just one word. Just say my name.

Ambrose didn’t respond.


Ambrose didn’t even wince. He followed the two women all the way down the stairs. As soon as they stepped off the last step, the doorbell sounded.

Preyuna said the mostly predictable “I’ll go see who that is. Stay here. I’ll be right back.” It was only mostly predictable because there was a possibility that she wouldn’t say it. She could have ignored the doorbell altogether. 

But she said her say and walked back upstairs.

What the heck? She just gonna leave Ambrose unsupervised? Dang! That’s some high level of stupid I didn’t e’en think she possessed. If she’s thinkin’ Ambrose is gonna just stand there stupid-like waitin’ for her, DANG! She ain’t a bright bulb. Or she don’t know Am’rose all that well.

Preyuna walked through the doorway and disappeared around the corner.

Several minutes passed.

Am’rose. Please. Tell me now. You can hear me, right? Right?

Ambrose turned to Barbara and had a cute, flirty conversation with her.

Robin desperately wanted to kick the wall or throw something at the bars to get their attention.

Stupid Ambrose! There’s a time and a place to be all flirty fun. This sure as heck ain’t it. Come on. Just look over here. See me. Am’rose, please see me.


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