Part 2430 – Becoming Skye With A Raven Very Nearby.

It took Raven a few minutes to regain his power of speech. Even then, the only word that came out was a small, dazed, “Ah.”

Sammy lowered his head to the level of Raven’s face. His silver wings and head crest sheened sharp in the tree-filtered city lights. Well?

“You are a dragon.” Even as he said it, Raven had no idea if he meant it as a statement or a question. It was a shade of both.

Yes, I am. Do you fear me?

“Indeed not, sir. Awestruck, perhaps. Yet, I am not afraid.”

Will you ever betray me to the poachers?

Raven gave him a look that could have scalded a whole gallon of milk. “I beg your pardon, but what? Do I seem to be the sort of person who would do such a thing?”

Sammy arched his neck back. No, but I needed to ask. He tilted his head. Are you ready to leave?

“Of course, sir.”

Good. Sammy opened his mouth wide.

Raven didn’t have any time to react before Sammy’s mouth closed around him. 


Sammy pressed his tongue against Raven’s chest, pinning him against his teeth. The vampire fussed and fidgeted and tried to squirm. Sammy ignored his futile efforts. Deliosa? Are you ready to become skye?

She transformed into her dragon form. Always.

He leaped into the sky and she followed him.


Raven tried his best to fight against the tongue which held him in place. But the tongue’s muscles were too strong and the tongue itself far too large. He considered clawing it, but that would have most likely sent him to the wrong end of the mouth.

He leaned his head back against Sammy’s teeth and tried to think happy thoughts.

Finding out that Robin is genuinely free of Mark Caten’s clutches. Going home. Undressing. Taking a shower. Washing these clothes at least four times. No longer being in this mouth. Not being swallowed accidently.


Going home to Missy. 

He closed his eyes and focused on those last two thoughts. After all, it was far better for him to think about Missy than to dwell on the odds of being accidentally swallowed by a dragon.


Ambrose held Barbara’s hand as Preyuna entered the mansion. “This really is all sort of madness.” He sighs. “But what else can we do?”

“After making it all the way here, can we really turn around and leave?” Barbara asked.

“Me before you would have said…well. Me before you wouldn’t have even bothered coming. I would have seen it as too much risk, too much of an obvious trap. Even now, this whole situation screams ‘TRAP’ at me. But I need to know that Robin isn’t here.”

Preyuna turned. Her expression was pleasant and calm…and unrevealing. “Are you coming inside or should I slam the door in your face, Ambrose Smith?”

Ambrose took a deep breath and exhaled. “I’m coming.”

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