Part 2422 – Two Dragons In Show-Off Mode.

Sammy didn’t have to see Pinkerlee’s familiar land pattern in the moonlight. His inner homing let him know that he was close and he followed its gentle pull and tug.

He tapped Lee’s nearest wing tip with his own and dived to the ground.

As he descended, he pinned his wings against his sides, making himself as aerodynamic as a dragon could be. He closed his eyes. The air rushed against his face in a rippling roar. It was an exhilarating sound and a delirious sensation. It took his breath away and filled him with joy. If he could have breathed, he would have laughed.

He kept his eyes closed and counted to ten in his mind.


Sammy opened his eyes and swooped up at the last minute. His body was just a deep breath away from scraping on the dock’s wooden boards as he ascended. He trumpeted and Lee sang with him. He didn’t care who saw or who heard.

Neither did Lee. She flew around him in flirtatious circles, tapping him with her tail tip when he least expected it. I’ll meet you on the dock, Samer. She descended to the dock below with her wings outstretched to slow her descent. 

He followed her down.

As soon as they landed, they both transformed into their human selves. Lee straightened his tie. “You know, we could have just walked down the street in our dragon forms.”

Sammy smiled and half of the dock transformed into planks of solid rubies. He closed his eyes.

Puppies and kittens sleeping in laundry baskets filled with soft cotton and flannel. Tourmaline rivers. Shining opals. Trumpet music. Flying. Joyful flying with Lee. Lee. Just Lee.

He opened his eyes and the dock had returned to normal. “It would be very tempting, but no.”

Lee pressed her forehead against his chest. “I thought you’d say that.” She peeked up at him. “I would be somewhere between shocked and disappointed if you had agreed with me.” She raised her head. “Come, Samer. Let’s find the one calling to you.”

He took her hand. “Follow me.”

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