Part 2420 – A Lone Mermaid And Two Dragons.

Raven projected Robin’s name as far and as loud as he could. It should have been enough to annoy Robin into responding, but no such luck.

It is most unlike him to be so silent. Under normal circumstances, he would have said something by now. He would have said plenty by now.

Something is terribly wrong.

Raven closed his eyes and mentally called out to Sammy.


The ocean shushed and roared. The water rolled across the damp sand only to rush away. It never stayed longer than it needed to and it never needed to stay long at all. Yet, it always returned.

A lone mermaid crept out of the crashing waves. Its scales were still a juvenile’s pale blue color and skin thistles hadn’t sprouted down its back yet. So, there was no way to tell if the mermaid were a male or a female. It kept its face close to the damp sand, occasionally turning its head as if to listen to something under the ground.

The mermaid stopped. It patted the ground with its webbed hands while turning its head in jerked movements. It froze for a moment before digging quickly. 

Dragons trumpeted in the sky and it sounded a lot like doomsday.

The mermaid flinched and frantically clawed its way back to the ocean. 

Two dragons soared overhead. Their shadows seemed to be fifty miles wide and long.

The mermaid’s long narrow body swished, propelling itself forwards. Its scales transformed from pale blue to the rippling pattern of the open ocean. Its side gills opened wide.

The dragons landed on the beach. 

The waves shushed and shurred against the mermaid’s clawing hands, promising safety, promising home.

The dragons trumpeted again.

The mermaid disappeared into the water’s haven.


Sammy watched the mermaid escape. It would be an interesting challenge to chase after the creature and he knew it. Mermaids’ camouflaging abilities made them notoriously difficult to catch. He swished his tail, repeatedly smoothing the sand’s surface.

Lee pressed her head against his throat and purred.

He forgot about the mermaid and rested his jaw on her head. No matter what happens with my elder tomorrow, I’m glad to share this moment with you.

And I you, Samer. she replied. It will be one of many great memories that we have made and shared.

And we will always remember. he said.


The echo of a sound touched his mind. He raised his head and searched the skies.

What’s wrong? Lee asked.

He felt it again. It was almost like the reverberations of a gong strike. But it wasn’t a sound. It was more of a feeling. Someone is trying to call to me.

Who is it?

He closed his eyes and focused on tracking the source of the call. Images jump-cut in his mind.



Street lights.


The Red Envelope. 

The back of someone’s head.

A man with black hair.

The side of his head.

The hair on that side was longer and brushed against his face.

Red eyes.

Raven. Sammy looked back down at Lee. I need to go back to Pinkerlee. Will you come with me?

She tilted her head. Do you really think I’ll say no? Of course, I want to come with you, Samer. 

The entire beach transformed into a field of tulips that would fade and disappear with the morning light.

Then, come. He leaped into the air and became skye. 

Deliosa quickly followed him.

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