Part 2416 – “I Don’t Want You To Be Her.”

Ambrose stood there, waiting and watching for the vampire to come running back. He was ready to thoroughly trounce him.

He waited.

The vampire did not return.

Ambrose returned to the front door and cast one more look back.

The vampire was long gone.

He retracted his claws.

Barbara, it’s okay. It’s safe now.

Barbara yanked the door open. “Ambrose…” She hugged him. “He pushed me against the house.” Her voice wobbled. “He tried to bite me. I didn’t want him to bite me. I knew he’d kill me or change me. He wouldn’t stop. I knew he wouldn’t stop.”

He held her close.

“But I thought of you. I thought about what you told me when we were in that cage maze. I fought back. I punched the underside of his jaw and ran into the house.”

He smiled. “My love, you are amazing.”

“Not that amazing. I was terrified. I just punched and ran. Elsie would have beaten him unconscious.”

He kissed the side of her head. “You don’t have to compare yourself to Elsie. I don’t want or need you to be like her. My love, I don’t want you to be her. You’re my iron-willed, soft-hearted Barbara and you are the one I love.” He whispered, “Barbara, c’est toi que j’adore.”


Her skin broke out in a bad case of goosebumps. Maybe he had said something basic like “It won’t rain today.” But Barbara was pretty sure that was not the case. “I adore you too.”

He gently teased the rest of her hair out of its messed up up-do. The feel and movement of his fingers in her hair made her think of all of the other places his fingers could be. He murmured her name and her skin became fire.

And, just like before, her own desire for him took her by surprise. It was fire in her skin and inside her bones. Fire that she longed to share with him. She blushed and laid her head against his chest.

His chest rose and fell against her. She wanted to breathe in its rhythm, follow its heartbeat, get lost in its pulse. Her blush deepened. “Ambrose?”


“We need to get to the airport.”

He released her. “Sorry. I—“

She lightly covered his lips with her fingers, silencing him. “Before we go…” She looked up into his black eyes. “Umm, I was wondering if you would want to?”

His pupils widened.

“Because I do. Ambrose Smith, I want you.”

“Are you sure we have enough time?”

“Maybe. Do you want to?”

He nodded eagerly.

Barbara beamed. She took his hands in hers and led him into the house.

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