Part 2410 – OOO! Raven Gets A Brand New Flashback! Good For You, Raven!

Raven considered his options as he followed his prey. She wasn’t alone, which complicated matters. He needed to figure out a way to weed her out of the group without being obvious about it and/or causing alarm amongst the other girls.

He shrugged and went with the plan that relied heavily on her being a straight young lady with an eye for a young man in a nice uniform. He walked towards the girl group, neither too fast nor too slow. Nothing exaggerated, showy, or overly obvious. Just a calm, casual stroll down the sidewalk.

And he couldn’t help but remember…


He sat up and examined his claws. They were attached to his fingers, all emerging from the same spot on each finger. Each claw was colored the same: deep black with thin red lines running along the sides.

He smiled.

They are beautiful. So black. As black as any raven.

His smile grew.

That is what I am. That is who I am. I am Raven.

Someone entered the house, bringing in the scent of fresh caramels and hot tea. He grunted as the scent caused his hunger to spike. He stood quickly and strode towards the doorway.

The scent of mulberries and cream followed another young lady inside.

Raven stood in the doorway and watched her furiously stomp upstairs. The sight of her stole his breath. A vision in a butter yellow and white cream dress. Her hair softly styled, so touchable.

He took a step to follow her. But then he remembered the state of his clothes, his shredded collars. He spread his hand on his neck, covering the two white marks in his skin.

And he remembered who he was.

He remembered who she was. “I am James Arden and you are May Rose Farlington.”

She reached the top of the stairs and stomped out of sight.

Only then did he become aware of all of the house’s scents. There were so many. They all called to his hunger. They poked his hunger, provoked his hunger. His mouth was intolerably dry and watering at the same time.

He fixed his gaze on the staircase, waiting for her to come back down. But there were so many scents everywhere. Cigars and bourbon. Perfumes and oils. Lemonade and tea sandwiches. Cookies and cucumbers. Lavender and wine. Roses and gardenias. Flour and molasses.

He glanced around, trying to get a fix on where they were all coming from. But it was too much to focus on. They were everywhere.

Hard to pinpoint.

Hard to resist.


In the air.

In every breath.

In his hair.


Everywhere. And he was hungry. So very hungry.

He clenched his teeth.

I will not hurt anyone here. These are my people. I will keep them safe.

He strode to the back door and disappeared into the night.


Raven accidently bumped hands with his prey. At least, he acted like it was accidental. “Ah! I beg your pardon.” 

She gaped at him as if he were God Himself descended from Heaven.

He bowed to her. “Please excuse me.” He resumed walking at that same leisurely pace. He was just another man out on the street. Just an average, good looking man in an old fashioned butler uniform out on the street. Nothing at all suspicious about him or his behavior. 

“Hey. Hey! Hey wait up!” The girl caught up to him. She stopped in front of him, forcing him to stop as well. “I need to know who you are and where you came from. Because hawt! I’ve never seen anyone like you before.”

He refrained from drooling. “Is that so?”

“Yes. That is plenty so. Who are you?”

He offered his hand to her. “If you follow me, I will tell you.”

She hesitated.

“Or I could go on about my day and remain a mystery.”

She shook her head and grabbed his hand. “I’ll follow you anywhere. Lead on.”

He smiled and closed his hand around hers. “Then, follow me.”

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