Part 2405 – Ambrose Makes A Connection. Finally.

Ambrose snapped to attention as the scent of hot fudge and whipped cream drifted his way. He opened his mouth a little and inhaled. The thick and fluffy scent rubbed up against his hard and soft palate before brushing against his throat.

He couldn’t resist.

Ambrose followed the scent’s trail in the air, all the while hoping that no other vampires would show interest in it.

If anyone gets to him before me….

The scent teased and flirted with him with delicate tendril fingers that trailed from under his chin to the lowest part of his throat.

I will NOT let any other vampires get to him before me.

He broke out into a run.

The scent danced ahead of him in flourishing eddies.

He ran harder and faster, following it all the way to the dock. Only then did he stop.

Justin, the source of that wonderful scent, sat on the edge of the dock with a boy his age. He scooted closer to the other boy and leaned against his shoulder.

Ambrose ducked into a nearby building’s shadow. He wrinkled his nose in annoyance as he caught a whiff of the other boy’s scent: lemon pepper and rice pudding. It wasn’t the worst scent combination, but it sure was not the best.

It was NOT hot fudge and whipped cream.

Ambrose slowly licked his lips. He could almost taste Justin’s scent.

Smells so good.

So hungry.

He unsheathed his claws.

And that lemon-pepper kid is in my way.

The scent gleefully danced around him, urging him to keep moving forward. Ambrose could almost feel it touch his neck, could almost feel the hot fudge roll down his spine. His mouth watered.

But he stayed in the shadow and watched the two boys.

They sat near each other, but they kept a certain amount of space between them. Their hands didn’t touch each other or anything else.

The two boys spoke to one another, saying words Ambrose didn’t bother to eavesdrop on. He wasn’t interested. Even if he were interested, their conversation was none of Ambrose Smith’s business and he knew it.

Ambrose frowned as he realized that he was subconsciously waiting for something or someone else. He stepped further back into the shadows and glanced around. There was no one else in sight. No other scents other than his own, Justin’s and Justin’s companion’s. 

He mentally reached for Raven.

Raven? Are you there?

Indeed, sir. I am here. What is the matter?

Nothing. Where are you?

I am near the Hoosier Momma? restaurant, sir. Did you need me?

No. Have you seen Robin yet?

Raven paused.

Ambrose could sense his disapproval. 

What? What’s wrong?

Sir. Robin and Isellta have been reunited. 


So, I do not believe that he is here in this city. Not yet. I would know if he were here.

Ambrose nodded at that.

I know. I feel the same way. Still…

He frowned.

That phone call from Robin is still bugging me. It sounded like him. But…he just seemed…off somehow. I don’t know how else to describe it.

What do you suspect, sir?

Ambrose took another step back. He watched Justin make his first advance by clumsily reaching for his companion’s hand.

I suspect a lie.

I do not understand, sir. Who would lie about such a thing?

Ambrose leaned back against the building. His mind raced, snapping puzzle pieces together all one, two, three, four.

A fey.

I still do not understand. Do you honestly suspect Isellta of running shenanigans on us?

No. Isellta’s too guileless to play a trick like this.

Then, who, sir?

Lemon-pepper kid stood and jumped into the water. Justin laughed and jumped in after him.

Queen Preyuna of the fey.

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