Part 2402 – A Rendezvous With De’Sidre.

Preyuna locked her bedroom door.

Ah, but if Mark comes back tonight and finds my door locked—

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. “Well, that’s his problem. He’s the one who decided to slut himself out.” 

But it will quickly become my problem if he takes offense.

“Again, he’s the one who left me. He should have taken this into consideration. And he didn’t tell me to leave my door unlocked. So, too bad for him.”

She dimmed the lights. “He shouldn’t have bragged about his conquest to me. He really should have known better than that.”

Preyuna walked to her bed like a queen approaching her throne. 

All in all, his loss.

Not mine.

She laid down on her bed, covered up, and rolled over onto her side. “I will sleep well tonight.”


Mark Caten rolled onto his back. He looked up at the sculptured ceiling and listened to his client fall asleep next to him.

Mark smirked as he thought about Preyuna sleeping alone.

Have you locked your door, little frosty cupcake? Hahahaha! So worried and paranoid that I’m going to slip into bed with you unannounced. Slip into your bed and hmmmm…so much more that I could slip into.

Are you sleeping well? No, of course not. How could you sleep at all when I am not home?

Oh, my dearest darling mudcake. I know you miss me. I know you’re worried that I’ll find a trollop so much more exciting and pleasurable than you. That I’ll replace you with a brand new shiny plaything.

Or maybe that’s what you’re hoping for.


Hoping that I’ll get bored with you and send you packing back home with your cute fey girls. Isellta, of course, is included in that description. After all, he is the QUEEN of cute fey girls.


Oh, what a delicious joke! As if I’d want to get rid of someone like you. Someone so proud and stubborn and resistant to my divinely gifted charms. Someone so challenging.

You know me, my darling. I love a challenge.

I will never let you leave me. No matter what, where, who, or why.

I will hold onto you, Queen Preyuna of the fey.

You’re mine.

“MaarrrrrrrRRRRRRk….” his client moaned.

He rolled onto his side to face her. “Don’t worry. I’m right here, my sweet crème fraiche.” 

She opened her eyes. 

Mark Caten managed an appropriately loving smile. “My dearest De’Sidre.” He spread his hand on her lower back.

Her eyes brightened with desire.

“What do you say to my business proposal?” He said it in a voice that was as warm as a patch of sunlight on a black chenille throw.

She shuffled in closer to him and kissed him.

He almost laughed out loud.

So easy. So incredibly easy.

She whispered, “Yes.” against his lips. “I will gladly do business with you.”

Yes. So ridiculously easy.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked into her eyes. “I’m so glad.”

“You aren’t going to leave me, are you?”

Mark Caten thought about Preyuna. “Not tonight.”


Preyuna fell asleep, waiting for and expecting Mark Caten to bang on her locked door.

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