Part 2388 – Look At Preyuna, Making Bad Life Choices.

Preyuna stopped outside of Isellta’s bedroom. She opened the door without any preamble or any hesitation.

She entered the room and approached the bed.

Isellta slept on his side, dangerously close to the edge of the mattress. He hugged his pillow, even as he dreamed.

His blond hair lay soft about his head. His bangs had drifted off to the side. His eyebrows were calm. His expression was peace. His mouth held a hint of a smile.

His face was still a bit thin from his whole ordeal with the nae bi sha, but he looked so lovely. So vulnerable. So touchable. His hair needed someone to ruffle it with their fingers. His forehead waited for someone to kiss it. His lips waited for that too.

The long lines of his body were designed to be touched and caressed.

Preyuna’s dissatisfaction jumped from burning to raging “OHMIGOSH!!” inferno.

It isn’t right or fair! How dare he squander such natural beauty by choosing someone so deeply inferior to him! Beauty should be with beauty while ugly should be with ugly. That is balanced. That makes sense. That is a proper straight line.

Isellta sighed happily in his sleep and hugged the pillow tighter.

But that is not the path he chose.

He didn’t choose me.

Isellta straightened his legs and stretched them out. “Robin…” he murmured.

Preyuna strongly considered yanking the pillow from him and thwacking him with it.

He leaned his head back and his smile grew. “oh. ohh.”

If you weren’t so stuck on Robin, I’d give you something real to ‘Oh’ about. But I know if I tried anything, you’d just get upset and push me away.

She tilted her head.

But you’re asleep.

She considered his body language.

And you’re clearly in the mood. Why shouldn’t I take advantage of this opportunity? What harm would it do?

Especially if I keep you asleep…

Preyuna smiled.

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