Part 2385 – City Lights and Zephwren Lights.

He’s out there somewhere.

Preyuna walked to the edge of the cliff and looked off into the distance.

He is out there with a woman he sees as nothing but a business transaction. He feels nothing for her. He doesn’t want her.

She frowned.

I almost want to say he’s doing it to spite me. He certainly did his best to rub my face into it before he left.

But what does it matter?

It doesn’t matter.

He doesn’t matter. If Mark Caten wants to slut it up with some random business woman, what do I care? I don’t. He does NOT belong to me.

He is not Isellta.


That stupid boy. No matter what I say, no matter what I do for him, it is not good enough. I am not good enough. Only that ugly vampire with his ugly facial scar is good enough for him and I DON’T understand why! What has Robin ever done for him? Has he ever helped him? Has he ever protected him? Has he ever done one good thing for him or to him? NO! So, why? Why does Isellta want him? What is the answer? How does it make sense? Why can’t he give me an answer? Why can’t he make me understand?

Why can’t he just want me? 

She contemplated the city lights out in the darkness below. They were so cold but so bright. Yet, she longed to walk through their peach and white glares…to walk away from Mark Caten’s mansion on the cliff.

In her imagination, she walked down the main street with Isellta holding her one hand and Nayla holding the other. They left town. They went back home.

But Isellta would never come back with me. He doesn’t want me.


A school of rogue zephwrens gathered in the air just off the cliff. They twirled around each other in an enthusiastic meet and greet. The red eye spots along their black, eel-like bodies pulsed in some secret zephwren code.

She tilted her head.

Because Isellta can sense Robin’s presence.

What if?

She watched the seemingly random pattern of the pulsing lights. “Mark did tell me to keep Isellta from going downstairs again. And I did tell Mark that I would make Robin impossible to find.”

One of the zephwrens rippled past Preyuna, creating a gentle breeze that felt like the promise of summer weather.

Preyuna held her face into the breeze and smiled.

So, I will be a good slave girl and humbly obey my master.

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