Part 2384 – More Than One Temptation.

Hunger’s temptation raised its head and spoke fevered words in Ambrose’s mind. Barbara’s scent was a semi-sweet chocolate and vanilla bean net falling over him, entangling him.

Ambrose clenched his teeth and finished dressing as fast as he could. He decided against bothering with socks because it would have taken a few minutes too long. He slipped his shoes on and headed to the door.

“Please be careful out there.” Barbara said.

He kept his mouth shut and simply nodded his head.

He opened the door and left.


Barbara sat on the bed and watched him leave.

He closed the door behind him.

I could follow him down to the porch. I want to follow him. I want to stand out there and watch him for as long as I can.

But I’m not stupid. I know he’s hungry. I know how much my scent pulls at him. I can’t tempt him like that. It isn’t right or fair or smart.

She hugged herself.

But it’s okay.

As long as he comes home to me.


The threads of Barbara’s scent pressed against Ambrose’s throat and mouth and the bridge of his nose. The threads popped and reformed with every step he took.

His mouth watered.

His body trembled with the desire to run back to her.

Ambrose growled and broke into a run.

Down the hall.

Down the stairs.

Out the door.

Make sure the front door is closed.

Fresh air.

No semi-sweet chocolate scent.

But his body still jittered with the need and desire for her taste. The yearning burned in his stomach.

He pulled his hoodie’s zipper down to a couple of inches below his throat.

Barbara. he mentally called out to her. I love you.

I love you too, kitten.

He smiled at her response and ran out into the night.


Barbara walked to her closet and pulled out her suitcase. She carried it over to her bed.

Will it always be this hard?

She laid the suitcase on the bed and opened it. 

Him always tempted by my scent. Me wanting him to stay just a little longer before he hunts.

The suitcase was already pretty well-packed….minus one item.

Maybe those temptations will always be there. Maybe they will soften as the years go by. Maybe he’ll get used to my scent. Maybe I’ll be able to give him a quick kiss and a “Hurry back” and feel like that suffices.

She went to her dresser and pulled out the black shirt box hidden in her underwear drawer. 

Or maybe we will always be this way.

She opened the box and removed the sheer red negligee with the black roses. Her knees quaked as she imagined wearing it for him. Her face flushed.

But she carefully folded it in half and put it in her suitcase. “Ambrose Smith, you’d better not be staked or kidnapped tonight. I don’t want to imagine your reaction to me in that negligee. I want to see it.”

Amazingly enough, I’m looking forward to seeing it.

So, please be safe out there.

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