Part 2383 – Dressing Ambrose

Barbara set the suitcase on the bed and unzipped it. Her expression turned serious as she went to work sorting out an outfit for Ambrose to wear.

Ambrose noticed her expression and smiled. “I love that.”


He kissed her shoulder. “How serious you get when you’re deeply focused on a task. You don’t actually frown and you don’t look angry. Just very serious and focused.”

“And you love that?”

“Absolutely. It’s endearing.”

She smiled and pulled out his underwear.

He took it from her. “Not that I’d want you to be serious all of the time. More than anything else, I love seeing you happy. I love how your eyes brighten and sparkle when you smile. I love the shape of your smile. I love how it goes all the way up into your eyes.” He pulled on his underwear. “I’ve known some people who only smile with their mouths. Mark Caten is one of those people, unless he’s being particularly malicious.”

She handed him his khaki cargo pants.

He chuckled as he pulled them on. “Raven is going to be so mad about this. He seems to have a sublime hatred for these slacks. I don’t even know why. They’re comfortable and they don’t have holes or stains on them. What more could he want?”

She giggled. “But Raven is Raven. He can’t help being particular.”

“Yeah, I know.” He zipped up his fly and fastened his waistband button. “And honestly? I can’t imagine him being less than particular. If he stopped caring about how he presents himself or how Robin or I dress, it would mean that there is something profoundly wrong with him.”

“Very true.” Barbara pulled out his white tank top and his Kitten Yzma hoodie.

Ambrose grinned. “Ahh, your two favorite shirts.”

“Mmm, more like my two favorite shirts on you.” She held the hoodie up against her chest. “See? It just wouldn’t look the same on me.”

Ambrose took the hoodie from her. “Let’s see.” He unzipped it and put it around her shoulders.

The hoodie’s shoulders landed half-way down her arms.

“See?” she said.

“Ah-ah.” he said flirtatiously. “We aren’t done yet.” He guided her arms into the sleeves.

The cuffs were a good 4-6 inches past her fingertips.

“Don’t worry. Easily fixed.” Ambrose bunched the cuffs around her wrists. “Now, to go for the full effect.” He took his time pulling the zipper upwards, deliberately dragging a finger up the zipped teeth, until at last he reached the top. “There.”

He took a step back and assessed it. “Looks perfect to me.”

She winged her arms out a little and looked down at the over-sized hoodie, like a little girl admiring her new dress.

Ambrose couldn’t resist. He kissed her forehead.

She raised her head.

His kisses trailed down to her lips. His skin heated up as she touched his face and rumpled his hair.

Her hands made their way to the back of his neck, to his bare shoulders.

He moved closer to her, pressing against her.

She feels so good…smells so good….soooo very good.

Ambrose jolted.

Barbara broke off. “What’s wrong?”

He shook his head. “I have to go.”

She unzipped the hoodie, removed it, and offered it to him. “Then, you better go.”

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