Part 2369 – Elsie’s Gonna Make A Surprising Supper.

After a minor debate and a couple rounds of rock, paper, scissors, Hildreth gave in and agreed to let Elsie make supper. He sat at the kitchen table and watched her busy about pulling things out of the fridge and cabinets.

He smiled.

She looks so cute and domestic. How long can I resist?

Hildreth glanced up at the wall clock. The second hand tick tick ticked. He nodded. “Yep. That’s long enough.”

He strolled over to her.

She stood at the cutting board, furiously chopping garlic and basil leaves with a sleek chef’s knife.

He smiled. “Ah, the Bossman Elite chef knife. Nice!”

She stopped her chopping to look up at him. “How do you know it’s Bossman?”

He laughed and took it from her. “A knife this finely balanced and well-made couldn’t be anything but Bossman.” He turned it over. “See?” He tapped the familiar Bossman logo on the middle of the blade — two silhouetted men facing each other. One held a crossbow, all ready to fire away. The other posed with a pair of knives as if he were just about to throw them. “Bossman. The Bossman Elite knives were designed to work in the kitchen as well as in the field.” He admired the faultless design. “Yeah. What I wouldn’t give to use this for vampire hunting.”

Elsie reclaimed it. “Not likely. I happen to like this knife.”

He grinned. “You’re going to ignore the fact that metal don’t do a thing to vampires.”

“Why mention what we both already know?”

He nodded. “Fair point. Can I help you?”

“No. I have a plan in mind and I want to surprise you with it. Go sit down. Supper will be ready in about forty-five minutes.”

“Ohh? What if I decide to stay in here? What if I decide to stay right here? What you gonna do, Mrs. Elsie Mayhew, if I stay right here? What you gonna do with your big, fine, fancy Bossman Elite knife, Mrs. Elsie Mayhew?”

She playfully tapped his exposed chest with the tip of the knife. “Guess.”

He mock-gasped. “Oh mah heavenly staaahrs! Are you gonna slice mah clothes off again? Oh mah goodness! Call the sewin’ circle so they can all faint delicately with me.”

Elsie laughed. “I don’t think so. I like that bathrobe.”

“Hm? With me in it or—“

“No comments. Go sit down.”

Hildreth kissed her. “Oh yes, Ma’am.” He sauntered back to his seat at the table and sat. He watched Elsie as she resumed her food chopping.

Hmm. I could turn my chair around and straddle it. The bathrobe shouldn’t flap too far open.


Question is: Should I try it or would it be far too provocative? Ahh, decisions. Decisions. What to decide? Hmm. Hmm hmm hmm. I could sit side-saddle and sit all sweet and demure.

He grinned at that. “I feel like I’d need a pink parasol to pull off sweet and demure. Oh, but where could I find one at this time of day?”

Elsie set her knife down and looked over at him. “Were you talking to me?”

“Nah. Just voicing some thoughts to myself.”

She smiled at him.

She looks so relaxed and happy. It’s like a reflection of my own feelings. There is no more strife between us. No more doubts. No more jealousies. No more Ambrose Smith. I know she loves me. She’s made her feelings for me clear.

He spread his hands on his upper legs and remembered the brightness of her eyes as she came down on him.

How she touched him.

The heat in everywhere she touched him.

The thrill in her voice as he touched her, no matter where he touched her.

The heat and passion of her kisses.

The soft rapture of her voice whispering love in his ear.

Hooo-wheee! Has she ever made her feelings for me clear! Couldn’t possibly have made them any clearer.

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