Part 2366 – A Queen’s Supper And A Guard’s Departure.

No one else was in the kitchen.

Preyuna had the whole place to herself.

She made a salad of mixed berries, dandelion leaves, rose hips, and daffodil petals with no dressing on top.

And two Dove ice cream bars for dessert.

She settled down at the table and cast an uneasy glance at the door.

But it didn’t open.

And no one came in.

She relaxed.

With a certain amount of luck, Mark will be gone all night and I won’t have to worry about him demanding my services.

She stabbed a whole forkful of petals and leaves.

That will leave me with Isellta. Should I even expect anything from him? Is it worth trying?

She ate the food on her fork.

It will probably be a waste of my energy and time. He can’t even do it right when he’s at full health and strength. How would he even be able to do anything for me in his current state?


I won’t ask it of him.

I’ll give him one more day. Tomorrow night, perhaps.

Yes. Tomorrow night. He should be in better shape by then.

She scooped up a couple of rose hips. 

As if that will make so much of a difference.

But who knows?

She ate the rose hips.

It might.


Mark Caten admired his fingernails as Hank and Dave got dressed.You know, of course, you have no one to blame for this situation. No one but yourself.” He raised his gaze.

Hank was already dressed. He helped Dave buckle his belt. Both guards tried their best to be strictly business, but Dave kept giving Hank such looks.

Mark Caten smirked. “I gave you plenty of time to bed romp and shower.” He went back to admiring his fingernails. “It isn’t my fault that you decided to go over and past that time I so generously allotted you.”

Neither guard said a word.

Their self-restraint amused him.

There is so much they’re just aching to say. Such filthy, angry things. I wonder how long they can hold it all in before they explode?

Mark Caten smiled at his fingernails. Their even, rounded edges. Their clean cuticles. “No need to do any more filing today.”

Dave stopped in front of him, all suited up in his spare red-orange guard uniform. “I’m ready to go when you are, oh great, mighty, and majestic one.”

Mark Caten lowered his hand. “You didn’t capitalize ‘great’, ‘mighty’ or ‘majestic’. But I am in a very good mood. So, I’ll let it go for now.” He stood. “Let’s retrieve your weapon and be on our way.”

“Yes, Oh Great One.”

“You didn’t forget your capitalization this time. Very good. Come.” He strode towards the door and Dave followed.

Hank silently stayed behind.


Preyuna finished the last bit of her salad and picked up one of the ice cream bars. 

He’s going to come in now. Now that I’ve finished my salad and moved on to what I really want to eat, Mark Caten will come in here and ruin my appetite with his inane taunts.

She opened the white plastic package and pulled out the rounded ice cream bar.

She glanced at the door in irritated anticipation.

But Mark Caten did not come in.


Dave retrieved his spiked club.

He and Mark Caten left the building.

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