Part 2364 – Mark Caten Has…An Admirer???

Isellta stumbled back to the bed and sat on the edge. “She isn’t right about Jay. I know she’s wrong.”

Dread chilled him as he realized what he had done.

I told her that she’s wrong.

He picked up the pillow and hugged it. “She won’t forgive me for that. I know she won’t. What will she do?”

I know what she’ll do. But it’s okay.

Robin. I’ll face the worst of what she can throw at me if I could just see you one more time. 

Robin? Can you hear me? Can you feel me the same way I can feel you?

My beautiful Robin, are you here? Did she chase you away?

Robin? Can you hear me at all?


The nerve of him! Telling me right to my face that I am wrong. How dare he!

Preyuna magically shoved one of Caten’s guards out of her way, even though he really wasn’t in her way to start with.

Here I thought he was so good and kind and innocent. How dare he insult me like that! He could have at least honored me by considering the possibility first.

She rounded the first corner and kept walking.

If I run into Mark, I don’t know what I’ll do. But I don’t think I should be held accountable for my actions.


Petrov waved his hand and said, “Kah heya.” A fireball appeared above his hand. “Ahn shreya.” The fireball transformed into an ice heart, dripping winter-blue water. “Hakn idjya.” The ice heart turned into a dark gray and black streaked thundercloud. It pulsed with sea-green lightning.

People passed him by without even taking note of his magical displays. 

He passed his hand above the thundercloud and whispered, “Ahl lakya.” The cloud grew larger. The lightning became more prominent.

“Hahahaha!” Mark Caten stopped in front of him. “Always playing with your elements.”

Petrov made a quick hand gesture and the thundercloud disappeared without a trace. He stood with a bright smile. “My Lord and Savior.”

“Yes. Yes, I am. And I’m so glad I don’t need to remind you of it.”

“How could I forget? You are the only one who has ever noticed me.”

“What can I say? I’m just wonderful like that.”

“Yes, you are.”

Mark Caten smiled. “I’m so glad you agree.” He glanced around the hallway. “I don’t see either of my guards.”

“They’re still in their room.”

“Of course they are. Well!” He clapped his hands together. “Let’s go and ruin their fun.”

“Yes, Great Caten!”

Mark Caten pretty much glittered and sparkled all the way to the bedroom door. “It is a strange thing. You’re the only one in this whole place who openly adores me.”

“Maybe the others don’t want to put their love for you on open display.”

He looked at Petrov in surprise. “Why wouldn’t they want to shower me with love and praise?”

“Because it makes them feel weak and vulnerable.”

Mark Caten tapped his index finger against his lips. “Well, that explains a lot about Preyuna. Of course, I knew all along that she was hiding her true feelings for me. I mean, come on! How can she resist any of this?” He held his arms out and turned in a small circle.

Petrov shrugged, because that seemed like the most reasonable answer.

“Exactly! But we can discuss my fabulousness later. First thing must come first.” He opened the door and walked right in.

Petrov was in awe.

He’s so bold! He didn’t even knock on the door first. Should I follow him or stay out here?

Petrov smiled as he imagined Caten disrupting the two lovers. “I have to be there to see what happens.” He followed him into the room.


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