Part 2328 – Well, That Didn’t Work, But Isellta Has A Plan.

The feel and the taste of Robin’s tangerine scent silked into Isellta’s mouth, making him both hungry and thirsty. His mouth watered. “Robin!” He frantically patted the brick wall, all the while fighting down an urge to scream.


Robin slept on, completely oblivious to the fact that Isellta seemed to be slapping the empty air two small inches in front of his face.


Mark Caten scowled as he watched Isellta bash his fists on the brick wall. “He isn’t even supposed to be down there. Stupid little twig and leaf boy is going to spoil my glorious plans.” He raised his hand and snapped his fingers. “Guard A.”

The guard with the broader shoulders set his weapon against the wall and walked over to Caten’s desk.

“I need you to fetch my darling cupcake for me. She and I need to have a conversation.”

“Yes, sir.” He turned around and left the room.

Caten narrowed his eyes at Isellta. “You will not spoil my plans, you little whore.”


“Robin! Robin! I’m here! I’m right here! Oh, Robin!” He whispered into his hands and pushed his magic at it.

Nothing changed.

He did it again.

The wall stood as plain as plain, but the pressure on his breastbone remained the same. Isellta spread his hands on the wall. “I don’t understand. Why isn’t this working?”

Jay came over to his side. “Maybe it’s just a wall and nothing else.”

Isellta’s eyes glowed white. He whispered into his hands and threw the magic at the wall.

Nothing happened. It didn’t crumble, explode, shatter, fall apart. Nothing whatsoever happened.

Isellta’s eyes returned to normal.

He tried to claw through the wall with his fingernails. He tried to gouge out the bricks. The worst damage he did was very surface level scratches.

He pounded his fists on the wall and bowed his head.

Robin’s tangerine scent teased him in tantalizing touches, twirling around his fingers, twining around his arms.

Isellta pressed the side of his body against the wall.

Robin. My beautiful Robin. 

The scent moved through his hair, so close to his scalp.

He moaned helplessly.

Robin, what am I supposed to do? You’re here. I know you’re here. My Robin. My lovely, beautiful Robin.


He raised his head as he understood what he needed to do. “Oh.” His legs gave out on him.

Jay caught him before he could hit the floor. “I got you, kid.”

Isellta hugged the guard with all of his strength and held onto him. He closed his eyes and took special note of how Jay’s arms felt around him. Their length, their size, their strength.

The sound of his heartbeat.

The solid comfort of his chest.

He inhaled Jay’s anise and cloves scent and smiled.

It’s such a good smell. So familiar by now.

I won’t ever forget it.

“You okay, kid?”

Isellta held on to him, trying to memorize as much as he could.


He reluctantly released him. “I need to talk to Her Majesty.”

Jay shook his head. “I don’t want you anywhere near her. Let me talk to her for you.”

Isellta smiled sadly. “My dear Jay. This is something I need to say. It must come from me.”

“What is it?”

Isellta hugged him again. “You’ll see.”

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