Part 2319 – The Promise Of A Shiny New Ax.

Isellta moaned again.

“It’s okay.” Jay guided him into a sit, resituated his wings, and laid him down on his side. “There you are.”

Isellta curled his hands up by his face and brought his knees up. His black wings retracted against his back.

“You’re okay now.” Jay stroked the fey’s hair. “It’s…It’s.” He fell silent, but his hand kept moving.

He carefully considered Preyuna’s words. All of the things she did and did not say.

Isellta made a small, one note sound.

“It’s okay, kid. You’re okay.”


Preyuna considered Jay’s words versus her own.

I didn’t say anything wrong. I didn’t give anything away. 

She frowned.

So, why do I feel like I lost this battle of wits?

Her thoughts turned to Robin.

She gave Jay’s door a hard look before striding down the hall.


Mark Caten smirked as Preyuna left Jay’s bedroom. “Poor, poor cupcake. Look at you being all in a frowny-faced mood. My guard didn’t grant you full access to his little fey boy, did he? Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Really, my dear, you should have known better.”

He pulled his nail file out of his desk drawer. “And I’m guessing he was asking you so many questions about fey boy’s lover. That must have been an interesting conversation. Oh, I really should I vest in monitors with microphones. The things I could—-”

His phone rang.

He sighed dramatically and slapped down his nail file. He answered the phone. “Hello, this is Mark Caten, glorious god, almighty king, and ultimate sex symbol. You destroyed my monologue. How may I help you?”

As the customer recovered from such an introduction, Mark Caten watched Preyuna proceed down the hall.

Where are you going, my crunchy little cupcake? Will you come to me? If you knew what was good for you, you would. But, of course, you’re just a silly little soy milk Bundt cake with thin and runny almond milk frosting. You have no idea how good I am for you. I am everything delicious and decadent. I am—

Mark Caten scowled as the customer talked business in his ear. “Yes. Yes, of course.” He watched Preyuna walk towards the dungeon room. His scowl lifted.

A smile brightened his face. “You naughty girl. Deliberately disobeying me. This should be very interesting.”

The customer voiced their confusion.

“No. Of course, I didn’t mean you. I was simply gloating out loud. As you were saying….?”


Preyuna stopped before the dungeon door.

“…leave Robin alone.” Mark Caten said in her memories.

“As if I truly care to obey.” She grabbed the doorknob.

“He will be my shiny new ax that I will use to hack out Ambrose Smith’s heart.”

She hesitated. “But an ax doesn’t belong to just one person. It can be taken and used by anyone who needs it.”

Mark Caten grabbed her throat and kissed her in the most unloving way possible. Mark Caten struck her with his fist. Mark Caten pushed her down on the bed and crawled on top of her.

Mark Caten smiled.

“I need it.” Preyuna turned the doorknob and pulled the door open.

The upstairs light tumbled down the stairs.

Robin will drip with Mark’s blood.

She walked to the top of the staircase. Her shadow loomed long and uneven down the steps.

“But Robin is too stubborn. He won’t agree. Just like last time.” She smiled. “Loneliness and hunger will form him into a weapon I can use against Mark . But it will not be an ax. It will be a sword with a hungry, devastatingly serrated edge. It won’t just hack Mark. It will shred him.”

She walked back up the stairs.

Robin will gladly tear Mark Caten apart.

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