Part 2317 – I Don’t Want To Think About Him. So, I’ll Think About Him Instead

Preyuna kept her head up as Jay walked behind her. There were a great many ways she could stop him or disable him or kill him. She could kill him without even raising her hand.

She could do it with her hands behind her back.

He’s a fool to trust me. A stupid, unnecessarily human fool.

Jay took hold of her wrists.

Her anger flared, but she quickly battled it down. His grip was firm but not hurtful. Not like how Mark Caten’s grip could be. “Well?” she asked sharply. “Are we going to just stand here?”

“After you.”

“How gracious of you.” She resisted the temptation to stomp on his toes.

It was not an easy thing to resist.

She strode forward.

How differently this situation would turn out if he were Mark. But I will not think about it. I don’t want to think about him.

She stopped beside the bed. The edges of her anger softened at the sight of Isellta sleeping.

He slept like a child. His head was turned and framed by his slightly curled hands. His eyebrows were calm and untroubled. His breathing steady and easy. His blond hair lay in soft lines. His black wings stretched in comfortable relaxation under him.

Jay’s blanket covered the rest of Isellta.

He’s so lovely. Such a lovely face. Such a lovely body.

Preyuna frowned.

But if Isellta would have his way, all of that loveliness would be wasted on an undeserving monstrosity. And why? Why him? Why does it have to be Robin?

Why can’t it be me? Why can’t he want me like that?

“You’re being very quiet.” Jay said. “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking of a great many things, guard, and none of them are your business.” Her gaze traveled down the line of Isellta’s throat. “How is he doing? I see he’s sleeping. Is he all right?”

“Yeah. I guess my massage really relaxed him.”


“Just his legs. To help with blood flow. So he can walk again.”

Jealousy sparked inside of her. “Isellta didn’t object to you touching him like that?”

“It was just his legs. He was nervous at first, but I reassured him that I wouldn’t do anything he didn’t want me to do.”

Her gaze returned to the gentle contours of his face. “How lovely for you…and for him. But don’t forget, guard. He is mine. He belongs with me.”

“No, he doesn’t. You’re the very last person he belongs with.”

“I am his queen.”

“You are cruel. If he goes with you, you’ll hurt him.”

She scoffed. “Because I am oh so heartless.”

“Yes, you are.”

Her anger flared up only to die.

Am I heartless? Have I fallen so far away from who I used to be? Have I become like Mark Caten? What can I do? How can I save myself from turning into him?

By letting Isellta see Robin.

Preyuna closed her eyes and saw Isellta’s face light up. She saw him run to Robin, delirious with joy and love. She saw Robin embrace him, touching him.

She saw herself standing alone and forgotten.

“I am not heartless, guard.” She opened her eyes. “I am not Mark Caten.”

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