Part 2311 – And A Realization Hits Hildreth Mayhew.

Hildreth hummed softly as he held Elsie.

She turned her head so the side of her face pressed against his chest. Her hair all but flung itself at his eyelashes.

He grinned and smoothed it down. “My frizzy-headed wench. My Elsie. My Elsie.” He stroked her hair. “Do we have to go anywhere? Can we just do all of our honeymooning right here and nowhere else?”

Her breath blew against his skin as she sighed. “It would be an odd honeymoon.”

“True enough. And I guess it would be good to get away. Pull both of us away from our normal hunting grounds so we can just be.”

“Just be.” She slid her hand to his hip, causing him to gasp. “That sounds like a wonderful plan.”

“uh. Uh-huh.” He cleared his throat. “Uh. Um. Where do you want to go?”

“Wherever you want to go.” Her hand dipped downwards.

And Hildreth’s stomach growled.

Elsie raised her head. Her hair was a glorious corona of frizz.

He couldn’t resist reaching up and running his hands through it. “Elsie. Elsie. El—”

His stomach growled with emphasis.

Hildreth laughed. “I guess I—”

Her stomach grumbled.

“— we should get something to eat.”

“Agreed. But we really should shower first.”

Hildreth grinned. “Now, why would you say…” His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open in shock as he realized something. “Oh.” He chuckled. “Oh, dear. That’s—” He burst out laughing.

“What? What’s wrong?”

“Well.” He kept laughing. “Houston, I got a problem.”

“What?” She lifted the blanket.

“Oh, baby. Not that kind of problem. I just realized that I came here all dressed up in my tuxedo.”

Elsie lowered the blanket. “Okay?”

“And no luggage. And! Guess what’s lying in the foyer in a miserable yet wonderful state of hacked up?”

She gaped.

“And that’s including my underwear. Although…I wonder if there’s a way we could salvage it all. Hmm. How many safety pins do you own?”

Elsie snapped out of her shocked state and kissed him. “Let’s take a shower. I’ll runover to your place, grab a change of clothes…” She seemed to think about it. “I’ll grab a whole suitcase of clothes and bring it back here.”

Hildreth nearly sparkled. “Oh my! Are you planning to hack up all of my male clothing finery?”

She laughed. “You wish.”

“Oh, I do.”

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