Part 2310 – Lightening The Mood

Missy frowned thoughtfully. “I don’t remember mom being sick. I remember her being happy. Chasing me around the house.” She did her best to readjust her pillow.

Jeff stepped in to help her. “Laura was joy. Her laughter was magic.”

“It was. Her laugh would make me laugh.”

He smiled.

“I can’t remember her ever being angry or mean.”

“Oh, she could get angry if provoked. But she was never cruel, never mean-spirited. There.” He finished messing around with her pillow. “That should do it.”

She laid back down. “Oh, yes! Much better. Thanks!” She studied his face. “I remember you sitting on the couch and crying so hard.”

His expression turned sad.

She reached out and took his hand. “You’d also go down to your punching room and beat up your punching dummy. I always thought it was for that man you had to kill.”

“Master Initskay. Yeah.”

“But I guess some of it was for mom too.”

“I loved her so much. I can’t help missing her. It’s been years. So many years. And her absence in my life still hurts.”

She gave him a questioning look. “If I had died, would you have taken it out on your punching dummy too?”

He nodded.

Missy perked up. “We could probably go on and on about sad thoughts and memories and I can see why. We both have plenty of sad things we can talk about. But! I think we should both change the subject to something a whole lot happier.”

Jeff grinned. “I’m all for that. What did you have in mind?”

“Can we go over those wedding pictures again?”

He leaned over the rail and kissed her head. “Absolutely.” As he pulled the phone out of his pocket again, Missy muttered, “I’m going to take another look at that Hildreth. I’m curious if he really is that good looking.”

Jeff laughed. “Oh, he is.” He turned the phone on and waited for it to load. “He’s good looking and a complete goofball. Serious and daffy. And the best friend a guy could hope for.”

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