Part 2308 – This Is All About What Missy Wants.

“I knew exactly what I was doing and I wanted it. I wanted The Institute to burn. I wanted Antioch to suffer. After everything he did to me, after everything he stole from me, I wanted him to lose something back. I wanted him to lose what he treasured and all he treasured was his work at The Institute. It was never anything else never anyone else. Just that place. Just his work. Just needles and fire and hurt and pain and selling and and and and….And I didn’t mean to kill him. I didn’t want to kill him. I didn’t want him to die.”

A dizzying sensation gripped Jeff and seemed to spin him around.

Such vindictiveness…It’s nothing Laura or I taught her. 

He bowed his head and stared at her blanket.

It’s the result of everything they did to her there at that blasted Institute. They stole her from me…and I didn’t get her back. This young woman is Tessa. Yet….and yet…the little girl she once was…everything she once was…

“Dad? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

She is just a memory. Just my memory. Because that Tessa doesn’t even exist in her own mind. She’s gone and lost in the past.


Is it wrong for me to mourn her as if she’s dead? Because she isn’t dead. She’s here. Laura girl, our baby is right here. She is changed. You wouldn’t recognize her. But it is her. Our flesh and blood, Laura. Our little girl.

He smiled.

And I’m wrong. You would recognize her. Despite everything, you would recognize her. You would accept her without question or doubt. So, I will do the same. I will not mourn the child we lost. 

He looked up at her.

I will celebrate the young woman we have gained. Our child.

“Our daughter.”

“Are you okay?”

He held his head a little higher and nodded. “I’m fine. Tessa, there is something we have to talk about.”

She frowns. “Is it Raven?”

“No. It’s about you. When you were still unconscious, they had you hooked up to oxygen. They couldn’t keep you on it indefinitely. So, when the time came for them to take you off, they told me there was a chance you’d stop breathing. They asked me if you had a living will or any idea as to what you wanted if you were to stop. They wanted to know if you’d want to be revived. And I didn’t know.”

“Well. That’s an easy enough question. Obviously, I’d want to be revived. Why would I want to die when I have so many things to live for?”

“I know, but there are risks with resuscitation: Broken ribs, liver contusions, blood clots in your lungs that could travel to your heart and create a blockage. And there is always the possibility that they’d revive you but you would slip back into a coma and need to live the rest of your life on a ventilator.”

“Those are some pretty big risks, but the alternative is death.” Missy said mostly to herself. “So, the answer is still pretty obvious. But what do you think?”

Jeff shook his head. “This decision has to be yours. It has to be uncolored by what I or even Raven would want. This is all about you. This is your choice for yourself. No one else can make it for you.”

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