Part 2293 – Naked Ruminations

Hildreth rolled onto his back and carefully thought things over.

The doors are all locked. So, no one’s going to barge in here and catch us lying here in the foyer all naked. Still. It’s kind of weird and awkward to be minus a blanket and pillow. Just doesn’t seem civilized.

He grinned.

Elsie and I’ve gone all primitive. Oh, if only her mother could see us—no. Actually no. That would be the epitome and pinnacle of awkward. No woman should ever catch her son-in-law naked with her daughter. Nope. Just nope.

Which brings me back to Thought #1.

Do I carry her to bed? Or should I just grab a blanket and pillow and resume our naked camping out here?

Oh, is that even a real question? Naked camping is awesome! Even if it is hard on one’s neck and back. But! If I grab a whole bunch of pillows, that should cancel out the aches.

He looked over at Elsie.

She slept flat on her back with her hands buried somewhere in her frizzy hair.

Hildreth’s expression softened.

Yet, she deserves to sleep on something softer than the floor.

Hildreth stood and gently picked her up.

She startled and slammed her fist against his chest.

“It’s okay, Els. It’s just me.”

She relaxed.

“I got you, Elsie baby.” He shifted her into a more comfortable position. “Yeah, I got you.”

She dug her fingers into his hair and held tight.

He held her closer. “My beautiful, fierce Elsie.”


Her skin was warm and soft against his skin as he carried her upstairs. Her breaths were satin and silk and velvet on his chest.

Hildreth couldn’t help smiling as her hair levitated into his line of sight. “If I had a third hand, I’d smooth your hair down.”


A third hand. I guess I’d need a third arm, then. That could be convenient when hunting or it could be inconvenient, all depending on how coordinated it was with my other arms and hands.


What if I didn’t have any control over its activities? What if it acted like it had a mind of its own? A very wicked and contrary mind? Woo! I could get myself into some interesting situations.

Hildreth reached the top of the stairs and carried her to her bedroom.

Oh, but if I did have control over it…

He stopped outside her closed bedroom door. “It would be very convenient right now.” He kicked the door a couple of times, but it didn’t budge. “Okay. Not a problem.”

Hildreth boosted Elsie upward and inched his left hand forward to grab the doorknob. “If this thing is locked, I will laugh.” He grabbed the doorknob. “I know we didn’t want anyone bugging us, but locking your bedroom door would just be—” He managed to turn the doorknob. “—overkill.” The door opened.

Elsie slept on as he carried her to the bed.

Hildreth chuckled in disbelief. Her bed was all tidy and tucked in. “Well, I can’t say I expected you to have an unmade bed. Still. Come on!” He laid her on the foot of the bed and pried her fingers out of his hair. “Be right back, baby.”

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