Part 2290 – From Light Into Darkness

Isellta lay on his stomach with his head turned to the side. He hummed softly as Jay rubbed the back of his leg.

It took us a while to figure out how to go about doing this without sticking my foot over Jay’s shoulder.

He fluttered his wings.

But we managed to figure it out.

Me and Jay.

Isellta smoothed his hand over his pillow.

Me and my Jay.

He frowned slightly. “Jay?”


Isellta raised his head. “What happens after Robin comes for me? Will I ever see you again?”

“Of course.”

“You won’t forget about me?”

Jay stopped. “How could I forget someone as special as you?”

Momma and Da did.

Isellta laid his head back down.

Da never came to check on me. 

“Isellta. How could I forget you?”

I wish that he had come.

“I don’t know.” Isellta petted his pillow in smoothing lines. “I just know it isn’t impossible.”


Isellta stepped outside of the brick building and looked up at the evening sky. It was too cloudy to see the moon or the stars.

He closed his eyes and projected his thoughts as far as he could send them.

Da? Can you hear me?

Da? Do you miss me?

Does Momma miss me?

I miss you both.

If I could just come home again, I would be better. I would make you both happy. I’d pull my wings into my back even if it meant slitting my back open to do it.

Da? Can you hear me?

I miss you.


“I’ll never forget you, kid. I’ll always remember you.”

“And I will always treasure you, my Jay.” He closed his eyes.

Jay resumed rubbing his knuckles against the back of Isellta’s leg.


Maelin pulled up a chair next to the guard and watched as people walked through the hallways.

None of them were Robin.

The fear spell grabbed at her throat and knotted up her stomach.

Maelin tightened her grip on the chair’s armrests. She stayed focused on the screen before her, even though she wanted to scream and run.

She stayed and watched.


Preyuna considered staying outside all day. As tempting as that idea was, it reeked of cowardice. She stayed a few minutes longer before walking back to Mark Caten’s mansion.


Mark Caten smiled as she walked back to the building. “Poor deep fried cupcake. What’s the matter? Didn’t have anywhere else to go? No, of course not. You have no choice, dear lime cheese cupcake, but to come back to me. You will always come back to me.”

He brought up a new e-mail message and type a correspondence to a client.

Even after I’m dead and buried, you will long for me. Nothing will ever change that.


Just a few more hours and we’ll be off-shift.

Hank sighed.

Just a few more hours.

A few more hours.

He side-glanced at Dave, who was standing at attention with his spiked club in his hands.

Hank couldn’t help smiling.

Look at him. All poised and ready for action.

If only I could touch him…But not here.

Not in front of Caten.

His smile faded.

Darn it! I hate feeling so….bottled up. I hate feeling like we can’t express our feelings for each other without him sneering about it and making snide comments about it and making us feel like we’re something foul and disgusting.

I. Hate. That.

But if I know him as well as I do, he’d be the same way if we were straights.


Ohh, I wish we could break out of here and not worry about him holding true on his threats.

I wish we could just….


Be free.

Dave watched Mark Caten do all of his business stuff.

What would it be like to go up to his desk and tell him where he can stuff all of his threats? Tell him right to his face that me and my man are quitting!

Dave smiled.

And we’d be free.

Maybe he’d exact his revenge and ruin our chances at getting a decent job. I wonder if he can really do that. Doesn’t seem legal.

He sighed.

But knowing how he is he’d probably find a way to make it legal.


Hank watched Caten answer his phone and talk up a potential client.

If someone came rushing in here right now to kill him, would we rush to save him?

Or should we hesitate?



Robin’s eyelids drifted to half-mast, but he tried to stay focused on the door. Just in case.

Come on, ‘sellta. I’m here. I’m just right here. I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

So, come on.

Come to me.

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