Part 2289 – A Business Call And So Much Daydreaming.

Mark Caten drummed his fingers on his desk as the customer on the line kept talking and talking about ALL of her problems with outsourcing giants. He sighed. “Yes, I’m sure that is—”

He scowled as her voice over-rode him and kept going. “Yes, it is a—”

She ignored his interruption and kept going on and on.

He turned in his seat and brought up the outside monitor on his computer.

Preyuna stood at the edge of the cliff, looking off into the distance.

He smirked. His fingers went still.

My crunchy granola cupcake with stale garlic toast crumbs sprinkled generously on top.

“Yes, I am aware of that. I don’t know why—-”

She over-rode him again.

Look at you just standing there. Are you thinking about jumping, my dear little thing?

“Yes. Yes. Hahahahahahhahaha! Yes, I do agree with you th—”

And what if you did? Would the fall kill you? Or perhaps the spell binding you here will kill you before you hit the ground. Too bad we can’t test this to find out for sure.

“Hahahahaha! Yes, that is the truth of the matter. Yes, I will definitely—Yes? No, you don’t want to deal with those coarse scab-crusted filth-filchers. Why, yes! Yes, I would love to discuss the matter with you further. Tonight? Hahahahaha! Yes, I will be sure to do that. I will see you then. Buh-bye.”

He hung up his phone and smirked at Preyuna’s image.

How will you react when I tell you I have a dinner date with someone other than you?

He chuckled.

What a silly question! You’ll be jealous. You’ll be raging jealous. Why wouldn’t you be? I am the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

Mark Caten grinned. “Ahhh, it’s going to be a VERY good night.”


Dave sighed and shifted his weight.

Hank cast a subtle glance at him.

Dave sighed again.

I wish I could grab you and run off with you, babe. Maybe we could go catch a movie somewhere. I’d spend most of the movie watching you. The way the darkness and the light plays on you. Your expressions. Your reactions. I’d share my popcorn with you. You would eat most of it, but I wouldn’t care.

Maybe we’d pack a lunch and have a picnic somewhere.

Hank smiled.

A picnic complete with a picnic basket, a red and white checked blanket, and ants. There must be ants getting into everything. Otherwise, it isn’t a proper picnic. What would we pack? Small sandwiches with sweet Hawaiian bread and Havarti cheese. Some sort of dill cucumber sauce. Lemonade. Chocolate dipped strawberries and cherries.

Or we could go swimming.

His smile grew.

I think you’d like that option the best. So much bare skin and water. There would be a lot of touching involved. A lot of splashing. A lot of—

Mark Caten’s laughter interrupted Hank’s thoughts before they could steam ahead. He turned his attention forward.

Oh, Dave. I wish we weren’t here.


Is Hank looking at me? I hope he is. I wish I could look at him. I wish I could move just the right way to catch his attention, just in case he isn’t looking at me.

Dave sighed.

But those kind of moves would get Caten’s attention and he would be obnoxious about it. He’d say horrible things. He’d use that ugly word. He’d call Hank that ugly word just to be nasty.

Dave side-glanced at Hank.

Darn! Why’s he so hot all the time? Even with that mask and stupid robe on, he is the most gorgeous man ever! Mark Caten can only wish that he was so hot.

But Hank is more than just some hot guy. He’s wonderful and romantic. Sooo romantic. He makes me want to squeal and scream with how romantic he is.


“Haaaaaaank.” Dave whispered as softly as he could.

Hank shook his head. “Later, babe.”

Dave huffed out another sigh and turned his attention forward again.

Oh, well. At least his definition of ‘later’ isn’t the same as Mick’s. With Hank, ‘later’ means after our shift is over. With Mick, ‘later’ meant not in this lifetime or ever.

Dave smiled dreamily.

I can’t wait until later.


Preyuna stared off into the distance.

What will Nayla and my other harem members think about Isellta when I bring him home with me? I know they won’t be jealous. But will they hate him for being imperfect?

She smiled.

Of course, they will.

I would wonder about them if they didn’t.

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