Part 2287 – Something Maelin Wanted To Tell Jay.

Jay stepped into the hallway and closed the door behind him. “Hey.” He took Maelin into his arms.

She tucked her hands under the back of his shirt. Her touch was springtime and wild sunflowers. It made him want to go dancing in the rain.

He pulled Maelin in closer and kissed her.

Her hands slid up his back.


If I could make her stay…

Oh, Mae! If only you’d stay with me.

She ended the kiss and touched foreheads with him.

He kept his eyes closed. “Mae.”

She caressed his back and her hands were paradise on his skin.


Don’t leave me. Promise me you won’t leave me.

“It’s been too long since we’ve touched like this.” He rubbed his forehead against hers. “Everything’s been so darn hectic and crazy.”

“I’ve missed it.” she said. “I’ve missed being with you.” Her hands moved to his sides.

His skin tingled.

“With just you.” She laughed softly. “I rushed over here to tell you something important. Something that we both overlooked. Then, you took me in your arms and right now this is all that matters.”

He opened his eyes. “Mae, I want you.”

“So?” She smiled. “I’m right here.”

Jay kissed her – a big, hungry, I-need-to-eat-your-face kiss, which she returned with interest. He stumbled back to the door, blindly reaching for the doorknob. He found it, turned it, and opened the door.

“Jay?” Isellta said.

Ah, shhooot!

He retreated to the hallway and closed the door.

They broke off and burst out laughing.

Stay with me, Mae.

Don’t leave me.


Isellta tilted his head. “Jay?”

The door remained closed.

He laid his head down again.

Robin? Can you hear me?

Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I’m not projecting loud enough. Maybe it is hard for you to hear me. Or maybe you can’t hear me at all. I can try to be a little louder, if that will help.

Robin? Can you hear me?

Can YOU hear ME?

CAN YOU hear me?


He frowned.

I’m sorry. I’m not used to mental shouting. Momma always told me to keep quiet. No one wanted to hear my thoughts in their head. So, it was best if I kept them as quiet as possible. I did as she told me. I always did. But now I’m wondering if anyone can hear my thoughts when they’re this quiet.

Robin? Can you hear me?

Or am I talking to myself?


Jay leaned back against the door. “Sorry about that. I wasn’t even thinking.”

She smiled. “Nothing to be sorry for, sweetheart. I wasn’t thinking either.”

“So, you came rushing over here with something you wanted to tell me?”

“Yes.” She released her hold on him. “Jay, we have been watching the wrong monitor.”

“What?” He frowned as he thought about all of the outside monitors. “I guess he could have come up the back side of the cliff.”

She shook her head. “I’m not thinking about the outside monitors. I’m thinking about one in particular. One that she may have overlooked.” She smiled impishly. “Can you guess which one I mean?”

Jay did a mental rundown of all of the inside monitors. “There’s the hall monitors and…” He brightened. “The monitor to that cell!”

Maelin’s smile turned into a full grin. “Exactly!”

“But would Caten or Preyuna be stupid enough to overlook something that obvious?”

“Maybe not, but I’m hoping so. I’m going to check on it now. Stay here with Isellta. Keep him safe. I’ll let you know if I see anything.”

Jay hugged her. “I love you. I love you so much.”

She hugged him back. “I love you too, sweetheart.”

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