Part 2274 – A Danced Duet

A spotlight lit the center of the stage, leaving the rest in darkness. Robin stepped into the light. There was no audience. No music. But Robin raised his arms in a graceful swoop. He held his position as he mentally counted one and two and three and.

He set his imaginary partner down. He leaned back and did a descending pirouette onto his knees. He bowed his head, arched his back out, and rose as if he were being pulled up by an outside force. His dance instructor’s voice sounded in his head, Rise like a flower blooming. Effortless. Natural. Beautiful. No awkwardness. Never awkwardness.

He wrapped his arms around his waist and swayed to the music that was not there. A slight smile played on his lips.

Someone walked through the darkness. Their bare feet slapped against the wooden floor. 

Robin stopped dancing, but he kept his position. The air around him vibrated in anticipation.

The darkness melted off of Isellta as he entered the spotlight.

Robin took flight. He sprinted to him and lifted him into the air.

Isellta leaned back in a beautiful arch, extending the length of the arch with his arms.

Robin carefully lowered him and set him down. They looked at each other for a perfect minute.

Isellta turned his head to the side and backed away.

Robin held out his arms in an unspoken beckon.

Isellta fled to the edge of the light and looked into the dark.

Robin stepped into the spotlight’s center. He took a breath and reached for Isellta. 

Isellta reached into the dark.

Robin slowly wrapped his arms around himself and swayed. Isellta copied him perfectly. No music played, but none was needed.

They proceeded to dance a synchronized duet in the silence. Robin stayed in the light and Isellta danced along its edge. The light and the dark shifted on the fey’s slim body, dividing him, caressing him.

Robin tried to dance closer to him, but he couldn’t cross that distance. Something invisible kept them apart. Their synchronization faltered as Robin’s arm positioning and moves became more frustrated, more desperate. There was an ache deep inside of him and it showed in every move. Isellta’s dancing became more complex, which spoke of a desperation of its own.

They stopped in unison. Robin fixed his gaze on Isellta’s black wings in the white light.

Isellta turned around. Tears trailed down his face.

Robin exhaled a hurting breath and, once more, held out his arms.

Isellta didn’t hesitate. He ran to him.

Robin extended his arms as far as he could. He unsheathed his claws so he could reach a little further and touch him a little sooner.

In a flash, Isellta was in his arms, holding him so close. His wings flapped ecstatically.

Robin folded Isellta in his embrace.

A solo violin sang a sweet melody of everything that Robin felt: love and light, hope and joy.

Robin and Isellta held onto each other. They danced slowly to the music.


Robin cracked his eyes open. The muzzle’s bars were still before his eyes. The mouthpiece still held his mouth shut.

Tears fell down Robin’s face as he watched the door.

‘sellta. Come to me.

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