Part 2273 – The Worst Would Be…?

Barbara smiled as Ambrose yawned. It was a big, unabashed yawn that reminded her of a cat. “My poor sleepy kitten. Come here.”

He obeyed without any hesitation.

She moved closer to him, as close as she could get.

He smiled sleepily. “Ba’ra…”

Barbara ran her fingers through his hair and loved the way it spiked up between her fingers. Its blackness and how it contrasted with her skin color. His scalp’s warmth. The dried sweat tangles in his hair.”What did Robin say?”

“He said…mmm.” His eyes drifted to half-mast. “Keep doing that to my hair. Feels good.”

“Oh?” she said teasingly. “Is that what Robin said?”

Ambrose chuckled. “Brat.”

She giggled.

He rubbed his knuckles across her cheekbone. “I love hearing you laugh. I love seeing you happy.”

“You make me happy, Ambrose.”

He kissed her. “You have no idea how much that means to me…how…how good it feels to hear you say that.”

For the three thousandth time, Barbara wondered about Rebecca’s sanity.

How could she have been intimate with him and seen him like this and not want him? It’s one of those things I’ll always wonder about and never understand.

She played with the short hairs at the base of his hairline.

“Mmm…” He closed his eyes.

Barbara giggled. “Are you purring?”

He chuckled. “Maybe. Could you blame me if I were? Look at us, Barbara. Look at where we are. Happy. Together.” His voice slushed as he continued, “No ghosts between us. I’m yours, Barbara. Just yours. All yours. All…” He yawned.

Hm. I shouldn’t bother him. I should just let him sleep. He looks so cute when he’s asleep.


She gently tugged his hair.

“Hmmmnnn…?” he murmured.

“You never did answer my question about Robin.”

“Wha?” He opened his eyes. “Robin? Whaa?”

“What did he say when you talked to him?”

“Robin…” Ambrose’s face was like a computer with a dial-up connection trying to get in touch with the internet. “Oh. Oh, right. I…He got there, rescued Isellta, and, somehow, got the heck outta there without a scratch or a dent.”

Barbara raised her eyebrows. “Wow. That sounds way too easy.”

“Mmm.” He lazily traced the lines of her collarbone with his fingertip. “It does. I’m surprised but relieved. After both Raven and I had matching panic attacks, I fully expected the worst.”

“And what would the worst be?”

He curved his hand over her shoulder. “I thought I’d have to go storm Mark Caten’s castle instead of going on our honeymoon.”

She twirled his hair around her fingers. “Would you have run to his rescue?”

He rubbed his thumb back and forth on her bare shoulder. “If I suspected that Mark Caten was doing to him what he did to me…yeah. I’d want to go save him. I’m not gonna lie about it. How could I leave him in a situation like that?” His thumb went still. “But what would you want? What would you expect me to do?”

“And you call me a brat.” Barbara said. “How could I tell you not to save him? How could I tell you to abandon him to such a fate?”

“You wouldn’t. Just like how you didn’t want to leave him at Olessa’s place. You’d insist on my going to rescue him.”

“Would I have to do a lot of insisting?”

“Not that much.”

She smiled brightly. “Then, it’s a good thing he’s out of there and he’s safe.”

Ambrose smiled. “It’s a very good thing.”

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