Part 2272 – Imposter Robin On The Line.

Author Note: I already posted this chapter, but I noticed my comment button was missing at the bottom. It seemed to be just this chapter. So, I decided to just post it again. The comment button should be there now.

Ambrose sat straight up. “It’s ringing! Barbara, it’s ringing!”

“Maybe he’ll answer it this time.”

“I hope so. Come on, Robin. Answer.”


Preyuna smiled at the caller ID. “Let’s see if it really is you, Ambrose Smith.” She turned into Robin and answered the call. “Hey.”


Relief rushed through Ambrose. “Robin! Are you okay? Are you hurt? Are you okay? Are you…are you okay?”


So many ways to answer this question.

If I say the right words, he’ll come running to Robin’s rescue. Mark Caten will capture him and have all sorts of torturous fun with him.

But I don’t want Mark to get what he wants.

“Robin? Are you okay?”

She raised her head in defiance.

He doesn’t care about what I want. He refuses to let me go home. So, tough on him. It’s just so tough to be awful, horrible him.

“Robin?” Ambrose asked. “Are you still there? Are you okay?”

He doesn’t get what he wants.

“Yeah. Sorry. I got a little distracted by my ‘sellta. He’s such a pretty thing.”

“Then…you’re okay? You’re safe?”

“Yeah. Gettin’ in and out of Caten’s place went a whole lot smoother than I expected.”


Ambrose frowned. “You didn’t call us. Robin, why didn’t you or Isellta call us? We’ve been worried about you. I’ve been worried. Are you sure you’re okay? Caten didn’t touch you? He didn’t—-”

Robin yawned. “Sorry ’bout that. ‘sellta and I got a little busy after we got the heck outta there. You and everyone else were the last things on our minds.”

Ambrose nodded. “I should be offended by that, but I understand. So? You and Isellta are safe?”

“Yeah. Plenty safe and miles from Mark Caten’s place.”

“And you’re okay. You’re okay?”

“Yeah. ‘sellta is makin’ cute faces at me. Gotta go. Bye.”

“Be safe, Robin.”

“You too.”

Ambrose ended the call.


Preyuna transformed back into herself. “Maybe I will hold onto this, after all.” She smiled. “Who knows when it might come in handy?”

She put the phone in her pocket and took another sip of her blackberry tea.


Ambrose put his phone under the pillow.

“Was it really him?” Barbara asked.

“Yeah.” Ambrose smiled. “And he’s okay. He’s safe. I’d better tell Raven before he goes pestering Isellta.” He closed his eyes.


Raven muffled another yawn and closed his eyes.



Raven winced. Sir. There is no need to yell quite so loud.

Ambrose lowered his volume, Sorry. I’m just excited. Raven, I got a hold of Robin! I spoke to him. He’s okay. My dear stupid obnoxious Robin is okay.

Raven sighed with relief. Then, we have nothing to fear.

Not a single darned thing. He’s safe. Robin’s safe.

Very well, sir. Raven leaned his head back in the armchair. I will leave Isellta alone. I am certain he and Robin have much to catch up on. 

Ambrose laughed. Now, that is an understatement. Go to sleep. I’ll see you tonight.

I will see you tonight, sir.

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