Part 2263 – If I Could Go Back To Who I Was Before You…

The air buzzed with silence.

No moans and groans from the other prisoners in the other cells…if there were other prisoners…if there were other cells. Robin didn’t know. He couldn’t turn his head to look. He was only aware of his own scent and the amplified sound of his own breathing.

Maybe he was the only one in the whole dungeon.

If it was a dungeon.

He honestly couldn’t tell.

He watched the cell door, waiting.



She’s gonna come in here. Olessa’s gonna come in here. I don’t wanna be in here when she comes in here. She’ll slice my eye. I know she’s gonna slice my eye. I gotta get outta here before she can slice my eye.

‘sellta! ‘SELLTA!

But maybe he’ll come with her. Maybe I’ll see him again. That stupid fey with his stupid wings makin’ me all messed up and stupid too.

His day exhaustion set his head reeling. He closed his eyes again.

But if I could go on back to who I was before him, would I wanna?

Robin kissed the girl and struggled to remember her name. He struggled to remember if she’d even told him her name. He kissed the girl and that was all that she was to him. Just another pretty face to sweet talk and lead into the darkness with a touch and a kiss. Just another girl to drink blood from.

She yielded and succumbed to his bite.

Darnation. Is this all there is to life? Ain’t there nothin’ else?

Ain’t there no one out there for me? Someone who can love me.

Robin’s mind jumped subject lines and Isellta was there.

Something about the woman in the red swing coat caught his eye. She walked with her head up. Her long blonde ponytail swished with each step. But each step was awkward as if it were all a matter of time before she twisted her ankle. Robin couldn’t help himself. He ran after her.

Would I be happier if I ain’t never met him?

She walked in a straight line down the sidewalk – as if she were on a mission. She didn’t do any window shopping.

Until she started to pass the store front for Your Junk = My Treasures. She gasped and peeked in the window.

Darn! She’s a cute one. It’ll be a shame to bite her.

If he weren’t never in my life…

She laid her hand on the glass. “It’s a wonderland. I want to go in there and touch them all.”

Robin stopped behind her and gave her a long, admiring look. “Ain’t all that impressive. It’s all junk. Ain’t any treasures in there. No matter what their stupid name may be.”

“Maybe. But they are such curious things.”

Robin snorted. “Trust me. Junk. Just junk.”

She turned around.

His heart gave a little leap.

….would I still think of myself as straight?

Her face was devoid of any “Look at me! I’m the Greatest!” attitude that he had seen in too many women. Her innocence charmed and beguiled him.

“Come with me.” He smiled at her, at the charming, innocent woman. “I want to be alone with you.”

Would I have fallen in love with some chick or some other guy?

“Oh?” The blatant curiosity on her face made him smile even more.

So freakin’ cute! I’ll try not to kill her.

Could anyone else make me feel the way he makes me feel?

He took her hand. It felt so soft and delicate in his grip. “You comin’?”

‘sellta? You comin’? I’m here. Come to me. Get me outta here before Olessa comes. Don’t let her hurt me all o’er again.


Robin struggled against his bonds, but they kept him in place. They kept him immobile.


Come to me.

Save me.

Even though his day exhaustion made him want to crumple and collapse, Robin opened his eyes. He watched the cell door.

Isellta. Isellta. Isellta. Isellta. Am’rose! Am’rose! Ambrose! Raven!


He continued to struggle against the bonds. 


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