Part 2261 – Meet Me On The Beach.

Isellta sat on the sand and watched the waves rush in and out. He felt very unsure about the clothes he was wearing. Tan capri pants with a white linen button down shirt were far from his normal black on black. The white shirt made his black wings stand out so much more than he liked.

He had no idea where the whole outfit came from. Preyuna wouldn’t have picked out something so plain and unshowy. Raven would have vomited blood and died in a fit of unhappiness over buying capri pants. Isellta wasn’t sure how he knew that about Raven. He just knew it. And the outfit was a little too dressy for Robin. He knew that one for a fact.

Isellta sighed and dug his bare toes into the sand. It felt cool and clean against his skin. He watched the waves, expecting something to leap out of the water. Something black with jagged teeth. Yet, he wasn’t afraid.

“Robin will be here shortly. He will come here and I won’t be alone.” He leaned back on his hands and flapped his wings as the sun set.

“Robin will come to me.”


Robin walked along the shoreline. The sand was warm, but the water rushing back and forth was cold. His footprints were shallow imprints that the waves whisked away.

He stopped. He closed his eyes and inhaled the sunset’s pomegranate and pineapple scent. It blended with the water’s salt, avocado, and fish scent. It was a strange combination and he wasn’t sure if he liked it.


Isellta’s wings flared out as he sensed a nearby presence.


Robin opened his eyes.

“I ain’t alone.”


Isellta stood quickly. “Who’s there?”


Robin glanced around. “Who’s there?”


Isellta curled his hand above his breastbone. “Robin?”


Robin pressed his hand above his breastbone. “‘sellta?”


“Robin? Are you here?”


Robin choked up. “My ‘sellta. My beautiful fey. Are you there? Can you see me? Can you hear me?”


Isellta stepped forward onto the wet shoreline. “Robin? My Robin? If you’re there, speak to me.”


“Talk to me. You don’t gotta say much if you don’ wanna.” He blinked and tears fell. “All you gotta say is ‘hi’.”


“Robin, if you’re here, touch me.” He held out his arm. “I’m here. Touch me.”


Robin’s pupils widened as the air before him shimmered. A glowing figure appeared.

A figure with blond hair that looked like it would be a pleasure to touch.

It looked up at him.

Its eyes were blue.

As blue as its wings were black.

It held out its arm to him.



A glowing figure appeared before him.

A figure with a facial scar that ran from the middle of his forehead all the way down through his eye to underneath his jaw.

And the air around it smelled bright.

Just like tangerines.



Isellta woke up.

The beach was gone.

And so was Robin.

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