Part 2259 – It Isn’t Real, But What If It Were?

If I wanted to forfeit my kingdom, I would kill him.

Preyuna raised her head with pride.

I would make him grovel before me. I would make him scream. I would make him bleed and his blood would be all over my hands. I would dip my hands into his blood. I would coat my hands with his blood. I would smear his blood all over me.

Mark Caten ended his phone call and promptly dialed another number. “Hello, this is Mark Caten. Yes.” He picked up his pen and idly flipped it between his fingers. “Yes, I saw your e-mail about your phoenix problem.” He laughed. It was warm and genuine.

He doesn’t laugh like that for me. When he laughs for me, he’s laughing at me. It is heartless and inhuman.

“Yes, well. I can see why a normal exterminator wouldn’t work.” He laughed again.

Preyuna felt as if he’d stabbed her.

Mark Caten will never be this way with me. I will never be able to make him laugh like this.

She tilted her head as several lines clicked together.

But this Mark Caten doesn’t really exist outside of business hours. This is not really him. The horrible words, the heartlessness, the brutality….That is him. That is the real Mark Caten and he doesn’t try to hide it from me.

He lets me in. He lets me see his ugliness.

He is skin-tearingly honest with me.

“Don’t sweat it. I’ll send one of my dominant hatcherie after it.” He grinned. “Yes, she will definitely ‘whip’ him into shape.” He laughed again. It sounded like someone laughing with a very close friend.

But it’s just business.

It isn’t real.

She came around to his side of the desk and studied him.

What if it were real? What if he were this way with me? Would I still feel such a pressing need to go home?

More lines appeared in her mind. Thick, black, pointed lines.

If he treated me better, would I want to go home?

The lines connected. They fit together perfectly.

He looked up at her and smiled. It wasn’t his usual slut-man “I’m imagining you naked and I’m loving it” smile.

It was just a smile.

The lines melded into a cohesive whole.

Preyuna knew the answer to her question. She turned her back to him and left the room.

She really hoped it didn’t look like she was running.

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