Part 2258 – Two Guards’ Parallel Thoughts On Mark Caten.

Hank felt sick as the scene played out before him – Preyuna versus Mark Caten. It was always the same sort of scene. Sometimes the dialogue was different. Perhaps the actions weren’t always the same. But the differences didn’t matter. What mattered was what remained the same – Mark Caten getting the better of someone more powerful than him. No matter what she said, Preyuna always wound up on the losing end.

And it sickened Hank.

It sickened him to see someone of her beauty and dignity treated like trash.

It sickened him to be unable to do anything about it.

He knew what would happen if he interfered.

Hank looked over at Dave.

Dave let out an excited squeak as Hank touched him in just the right way, in just the right spot. It was a small sound, but Hank loved hearing it.

I will never let that man hurt you, Dave.

No matter what.


Dave tightened his grip on his spiked club as Mark Caten grabbed Preyuna’s neck.

I hate this.

Haaank, I hate this. We shouldn’t allow this. We should stop him.

Dave looked over at Hank.

But at what cost? I don’t want him to do anything bad to you.

And he would.

If I stop him from hurting her, he’d hurt you instead. He’s threatened to do so and he always keeps his threats.

I wish I could grab your hand and run away. But he’s threatened to ruin our lives if we do that too.

What can we do?


Hank noticed Dave looking at him. His heart lifted. He wanted to pose and preen for him.

But not in front of Mark Caten.

“Dave.” he whispered.


The sound of Hank saying his name made Dave’s heart race.

“Haaaank.” he whispered back.

If only I could touch you, I would. My wonderful, delicious Hank.


If only I could grab your hand and run away from this place, Dave, I would.


But I can’t.


But we can’t.


Not in front of Mark Caten.


Hank sighed.

All because of Mark Caten.


Mark Caten left Preyuna on her hands and knees and answered his ringing phone.

Dave watched Caten slip into business mode. He squeezed the spiked club’s handle.

Maybe Preyuna is right.

Maybe I should kill him.


If I killed him, it would set us all free.

Hank frowned.

What would it be like to be free of his threats and insults?

How long would it take before we truly felt free?

What would we do without him in our lives?

Hank’s frown lifted and he smiled beneath his mask.

We’d breathe.

We’d finally be able to really breathe.

And no one would miss Mark Caten.



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