Part 2257 – And The Phone Rang On

Preyuna rubbed her throat and contemplated the joys of breaking off his fingers and magically stuffing them down his esophagus. “You do realize that you’re wasting your time with Hildreth. He won’t obey you. He will continue to defy your wishes.”

He tightened his grip on the skirt of her dress. “I’ll humor you and pretend you’re right. So? What do you suggest I do?”

“Send me. I will find Ambrose for you.”

He let go of her skirt.

‘Mark, please let me do this.”

He grabbed her neck with both hands and squeezed.

“ugh…” Her fingers scratched and scrabbled at his hands, but he held tight.

“I am not a fool, my tiny little Preyuna.”

Spots flickered and sparkled before her eyes. “Mark…please…”

“If I let you leave, you’ll leave me for good. I will not allow that to happen. You know I will never let that happen.”

A rushing sound in her ears.

So many dark and light spots. And they were all sparkling.

So sparkly.

So hard to breathe.

He kept talking, but his words blurred and slurred and slushed into flurries of nonsense.

The rushing sound overpowered his voice. It became all she could hear. She felt like it was going to wash her away.

She wanted it to take her away. Far away. Out of his reach.

Then, he released her neck.

The rushing shushed and stilled.

The spots flickered out of sight.

And Preyuna was no longer on the desk. She was down on her hands and knees. She stared, gasping and wheezing, at the carpet.

“I will give you credit for concocting such a sweet scheme.” Mark Caten said.”That was clever and different. Very different. You haven’t tried that one on me before.” He patted her head. “Too bad I’m not as gullible as you seem to think I am. Still, very nice try.”

“Let me go home.”

“So direct.”

She raised her head. “Let. Me. Go. Home.”

He reached for her.

His desk phone rang.

He smirked.

The phone rang.

“Mark. Please.”

He grabbed her hair.

The phone rang.

She winced and hated showing that weakness.

The phone rang.

“Mark, please.”

The phone rang.

“No.” he said.

The phone rang.

And he released her hair. “I hate to cut our fun short, but I really must go back to work.”

The phone rang.

And he returned to the other side of the marble desk.

The phone rang and he answered it. “Hello, this is Mark Caten, but you may call me Glorious One, Almighty One, or Great Supreme Being. How may I help you or how can you help me?”

Preyuna wanted to just remain seated on the floor and lose herself to her frustrations.

But I will not. I am a Queen. No matter what he does to me, no matter what ugly things he says to me, I am still me.

She stood and gave him a disdainful look.

His cruelty will not change the fact that I am Queen Preyuna of the fey. And he is nothing but a pitiful human. If I could kill him, I would.

If only I could.

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