Part 2255 – Perfectly Useless Dave (??)

The random people in the hallway saw Preyuna coming with her eyes still glowing white. They all scattered in a panic.

One person lost their shoe. They didn’t bother going back for it.

Preyuna stopped and kicked the shoe out of her way, even though it wasn’t really in her way.

What could Mark possibly want?

She resumed her journey to his office. “I can only imagine what he wants. It’s what he always wants from me. And I, like a fool, always yield to him. But what else can I do? I can’t fight back. My hands are tied.”

Dave caught up with her, but he granted her a wide berth. He kept himself out of her physical shoving range. “Oh, I hope Hank’s okay.” Dave said. “I always hate leaving him alone with Caten.”

She assessed him. “But your hands aren’t tied. You can kill Mark Caten.”

He shot a look at her.

Her eye glow faded. “It’s what you want.”

“It’s what everyone here wants. Even Doll Face wants it to some degree. Caten is all sorts of hateable junk. I’m pretty sure even his junk is hateable.”

Preyuna wanted to say that didn’t make sense, but it did make sense to her. So, she said nothing.

They turned the corner leading to Mark Caten’s office.

“But Hank’s junk isn’t hateable OR junk.” Dave said. “Hank’s body is….”

Preyuna promptly ignored him.


“The one on the right is even better with—-”

“Right.” Preyuna stopped outside Caten’s office door. “So. Will you kill him?”

“Who? Hank? Why would I want to kill Hank? Hank is sooooo amazing and—-”

“Don’t make me slap you. I meant Mark Caren.”

“Oh, well that makes sense.”

“More sense than you will ever possess.”

“Yep! But I can’t kill Caten.”

Preyuna wanted to scream. “Give me one good reason why not. One really good reason.”

“Hank. If I try to kill Caten and fail, he’ll hurt Hank. And he’ll hurt him in bad and ugly ways.”

“Then, don’t fail.”

Dave shook his head. “It’s tempting, but I can’t take that chance. I don’t want my darling Hank to be hurt bad because of me.”

“You’re perfectly useless.” She punched him in the gut and stormed into the office.

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