Part 2246 -Husbands And Wives

It took them a few muddled tries to get into the right rhythm and flow. When they finally got it right, it felt so much better than dancing.

It was almost better than fighting vampires together.

Through it all, she didn’t think of Ambrose. Not even once. Not even in a slight, passing thought sort of way. Hildreth filled her mind. Just him. There was no free space for Ambrose to occupy.

And Hildreth saw Elsie, felt her, touched her, loved her, loved being loved by her and touched by her. Heard her joyful cries. Experienced just how passionate she could be and loved it. Laughed as she grabbed him and pulled his hair and loved him.

Ambrose Smith didn’t cross his thoughts. He didn’t come anywhere near his thoughts. He was on a lonely island 15,000 miles from Hildreth Mayhew’s thoughts.

Hildreth thought only of Elsie.


Barbara woke up and Ambrose was still there. He’d rolled onto his chest and slept with his face turned to her. His ring hand laid in between her face and his face. His one leg was straight. The other was bent towards her. A warm, musky scent radiated from him, but Barbara didn’t mind.

She moved closer to him and stroked the ring around his finger. It had been his father’s ring, which meant that it was actually older than Ambrose. It was a strange and fascinating thought.

She smiled at the memory of finding his box of assorted rings. That had been the first time she’d realized how big their age gap was. It had been an eye-opening and alarming experience.

“But it doesn’t matter now.” she said softly.

Barbara covered his hand with her own and admired his sleeping face.

His black eyelashes.

His peaceful expression.

The relaxed arch of his eyebrows.

The soft steadiness of his breathing.

“I’m not a fighter like Elsie. I probably never will be. But, darling, I would fight for you.”

He sighed in his sleep.

“If need be, I would fight alongside you.” She uncovered his hand and kissed it. “My darling. My kitten. My Ambrose.”


Ambrose felt Barbara’s touch in his dreams. He heard her voice in his sleep. He smelled her scent.

He wanted to respond.

He wanted to return her touch and her kisses with plenty of his own.

But his day exhaustion held him in its unrelenting embrace. So, Ambrose silently reveled in her nearness and in her love.

He slept on, dreaming only of Barbara and no one else.

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