Part 2245 – No More Delays!

It took Hildreth seemingly forever to unlace her crop top and even longer for him to pull it off. He tossed it aside, not noticing or caring where it went, and quickly removed her skirt.

Elsie promptly tackled him to the floor.

He laughed — a giddy, excited laugh.

She looked down at him. Her eyes were bright with love and desire.

She’s looking at me like this. Just me.

He laughed again.

Just for me.

“Els. Els. El—”

She came down on him.

He gasped in ecstasy.

Her skin touching my skin.

Her body on top of my body.

So much heat.

So warm.

So much…so much…And this isn’t a dream. I’m not dreaming. This is real.

Happy tears trickled down the sides of his face.

“This is so wonderfully real.”

And it is not a dream.


Elsie nearly happy-screamed from the first contact, that very first entrance. It was more, so much more, and better than she’d expected it to be.

She kissed him again and again, whispering his name, shouting his name.


My Hildreth and no one else’s.

“I love you.” She dug her fingers into his hair. “I love you!”

“Elsie baby.” He laughed breathlessly. “Look at us. Look. No one’s stopping us.” He let out a euphoric shout. “Oh! Oh! Oh, baby. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t.”

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